Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reflections on Beany

Yesterday, I was asked how I know Kathleen McBroom, aka Beany. I've "known" her for about six months. I'd see her comments on other blogs; they were always insightful, kind, and infused with love and wisdom. I checked our her blog and found it to be the same; she was who she appeared to be. Beany is very introspective (and a night person), and so am I. I decided she was someone I should get to know, so I commented on her blog, and we soon became friends.

Over the summer, Beany and I shared many emails. She wrote about her debilitating back pain, her suffering under an oppressive boss, childhood experiences we had in common, how much she loves her church, and the love and pride she has for her daughters and husband. Because of her back pain, she didn't seem to sleep much, and she was up at all hours of the night, reading blogs, commenting, and writing emails, some of which were pages long. BTW, who taught that girl to punctuate?! And hasn't she ever heard of paragraphs in emails?! When that girl writes emails, she throws paragraphs out the window! (Yes, I know saying that might piss her off; I'm doing it in the hopes that if she's reading this, she'll get mad enough to comment! :)

When school started, and I had to go back to work, my daily emails with Beany ended, but we have still kept in touch via blogging. Beany is a very, very loving person. When she comments on my blog, it's like she is stopping by with a little bouquet of flowers and a hug. Her comments always leave me smiling. She also has a cute sense of humor, and you can sense her own smiles in her comments, as well. (I miss you, Beany.)

Here are a few excerpts from a recent post by Beany, Living in the Moment. They give a little glimpse into why she is so loved.

so good .. getting mauled with hugs by three little girls at church who i used to teach (primary). i was looking for a friend of mine and before i knew it, my legs couldn’t move because 7 y/o ~EK, and 5 y/os ~LB and ~LN ganged up on me and tackled me with a group hug. loved it. they were all talkative and cute and giggly. funny, they don’t even care if i don’t have stickers on me. some of these little ones still come up to me just to say hi, share a smile, share stickers, or just a giggle. awh, these are priceless moments.

so good .. hubby did it again, no surprise here. he tried to throw his dirty boxers at me. so i grabbed them and chased him through the master suite, closet, and adjoining bathroom while he squealed trying to get away from my pitcher’s arm. i playfully smacked him with his drawers and we both giggled. love that kind of moment. awh.

so good .. a friend of mine at work called me “beany.” awh. haha. i never told her that nickname. i had emailed her a couple of notes because we were arranging to walk at lunchtime and i signed my emails kathleenybeany, cause i feel comfy with her. (i do not use this in my normal work correspondence at all.) it felt so neat to hear her say that for the first time. so i am a dork. haha.

so good .. peaceful music that helps me not forget His promises are sure. music that moves my soul. music that lifts me up and encourages me. music that makes my heart feel like dancing in the rain with my face up. music that makes my joy run over. awh.

Beany has a deep, deep faith that guides everything she does. Wherever she is, I believe she is wrapped in God's love and that her relationship with Him will keep her safe. I pray for her family and hope that there is some resolution soon.

For the most recent report on Kathleen McBroom's disappearance and how you can contact authorities, click here.

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