Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Um, Excuse Me??

So, I'm standing in the "granola-ish" deli in town, waiting for my grilled zucchini panini. I've only been there twice; the food is very good (and fresh) but very expensive. As I kill time, I notice the "Free-Range Chicken" sign, the organic farmers market packing up to go, and the $4 fruit smoothies. (I'm a little tempted by the wheatgrass thing; it's so pretty! But so far, I've kept my head about me.)

One of the women who works behind the counter is strikingly beautiful. I've figured her to be in her early 50's or so. She she is very fit and has a cute hairdo; very natural, a little bit curly, and kind of cut shorter in the back than the front. Since I figure this being my second time appreciating it, I'll pay her a compliment.

"I really love your hair," I say. "It's an adorable cut."

"Thanks," she smiles warmly.

"Where do you have it done?" I ask, wondering if there's such a thing as an organic haircut.

She tells me the name of the place (which I have forgotten, due to the trauma later experienced.)

"It looks like it's really easy to take care of; you must have a little body in your hair."

"Oh yes, I do, but the cut is great. It's just what we need at our age, with all of the running around...."

Excuse me? Did she just say, "at our age?" At our age?! WTH?! This woman looks at least 50! I'm only 45! Seriously!

I had lost my appetite.
(Just kidding; that never happens to me, unfortunately.)

My panini tasted like sawdust.
(Okay, I'm lying; it was delicious.)

And because it was made from organic ingredients, I'm certain I've already reversed the signs of aging and don't look a day over forty-four...

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