Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekly Winners

You'll have to ignore the lack of shoes; Kyle came home from the Jazz Club Dinner Dance fundraiser and allowed me to take his pic; I wasn't going to force him into shoes at 10:30pm.Sharp, huh? We were very surprised this week when he told us he was going to a friend's house "to learn how to swing dance." I have never seen this boy dance (he avoids it like the plague.) The lessons must have gone well; he said that he and his date ("just a friend") were a hit! :) My favorite part of this story? That I didn't have to drive him there or pick him up! (Yea, Driver's License!)

This is my, "Kendall, hurry up. I'm trying to get something done here" face. Sometimes, you just have to comply; it's faster than arguing. Today, we established that Kendall is now the same height as me. It's official; I'm shrinking.
This is why I was busy.
Curious about what I am pouring here? Check out my post on Tuesday to find out! And visit Sarcastic Mom to see more Weekly Winners.

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