Monday, December 8, 2008

Big, Bigger, and Biggest

Just some miscellaneous stuff that can't wait til Friday...

Remember these? I LOVED the big, fat Lip Smackers Strawberry when I was in middle and high school. It's been decades since I've seen them until I found one at Target last summer. Since then, I only find them at some Targets, and there is never more than one (or maybe two) hanging amidst a plethora of the more modern, tiny tubes. I snatch these babies up when I can find them. If you want to buy a little blast from the past for a friend, you can't get a bigger thrill for $3.

See this big, gorgeous poinsettia plant? I ordered it for $15 from a gymnastics fundraiser, and I was stunned to see how perfect it was when it was delivered. I just thought I'd take a photo, since it's not likely to last long in my care (hence, this post on Monday, instead of waiting til Friday.) I have pretty much killed everything I ever tried to grow in his house, with one exception. Check this monster out!I left a few points of reference in the photo so that you can see that this plant, which I received when my dad died in 2005, has grown almost exponentially since we brought it (4 ft tall, tops) home. Today, it is about 11 feet tall. And as you can see, I'm not much of a plant groomer, either Don't even ask me what kind of plant it is, cuz I have no clue about that, either. However, I do want you to know that I wipe those leaves down by hand every now and then, and it is no easy feat!

And finally, a quick little vid (which Birdie requested) of our tranquil snowfall tonight, here in Wisconsin. Tomorrow night, we're supposed to get 6-10 inches, so this is just a prelude. I call it "The Calm Before the Storm" and the impending Snow Day (We're hoping!!)

Have a wonderful week, Everybody!

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