Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Fragments

Yea! It's Friday; time to unload all of those fragments from your week! (Click the logo above to learn more about FF.)

*First, and foremost, WOOT WOOT!!!!! No school again today!! I SO needed the respite! (Thank you, God.) Okay, I'm ready now...

*Each week, I choose a Favorite Friday Fragment from the previous week and award this fabulous button:The winner this time is Tena, of My Therapy, for this gem, which many of us can relate to this time of year:

Had to go to an open house last night for my son's new high school. I had to part with my beloved jammie pants with the forgiving elastic waist and wiggle my way into pants with an actual button and zipper. It is 'pants', plural, because it took 4 pair till I found one that didn't restrict my breathing. I am, however, much closer to 'being ready' to get over my loser status and back into a workout soon as the chocolate pie in the fridge is gone- I SWEAR!

Congratulations Tena, and thanks for the laugh.

*Kendall's souvenirs look even better than I thought in her bedroom! How awesome is this?!*In case you missed them, here's my "Mrs4444 on Parenting" posts on Education and Structure/Limit-Setting, Attention, and most recently, Follow-Thru/Consistency . I also made Split Pea Soup with Ham over at Mrs4444 Cooks, so check that out if you are so bold!

*Liking my parenting advice, but anxious for more immediate answers? Elizabeth Pantley has a website for you. She has a book called the No-Cry Nap Solution: Guaranteed Gentle Ways to Solve All of Your Naptime Problems, plus many other no-cry solution books that look promising. I'm hoping to win her book sets giveaway so that I can give them away again! (I'll keep you posted.)

*Ever wonder which states Google porn the most often? (I know, me too!) Like Statistics? Now, there's a website to answer the question: Which state Googles ____________ the most? StateStats, which I found via is very interesting! It compares Google searches with other state stats. For example, the site shows that Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia Google "plastic surgery" the most. It made me wonder why California wasn't highest on this list, but then I figured everyone there has already had their fill! heehee (JUST KIDDING, my Californian friends!)

If you have a FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post, feel free to add your link here, and don't be afraid to pay a visit to other fragmented folks on the list :) And P.S. If you do a FF post, please be so kind as to give me a little Linky Love on your site; I appreciate it. NOTE: I have no idea what happened to the links that were here earlier!! I can see the Html code here, but they aren't showing up! I did a little investigating and found that ALL OF THE MR.LINKY LINKS IN THE BLOGIVERSE HAVE DISAPPEARED TONIGHT! Can't even get into the site! Hope it resolves soon....

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