Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In Case You Need to Know...

Desperate for parenting advice you can use right now? I found these great videos at Howcast:

How to Deal with a Screaming Child While Shopping
How to Deal with Children Who Bite, from The Go-to Mom

And wow; for those with no hope of changing their kids, this is a good one: How to Detect a Lie

Especially for the men out there...How to Tell if Your Girlfriend's a Psycho or How to Catch a Winter Pike..

Do you think I should worry that Mr.4444 said, "Will you email that one to me?" when I laughingly read the title of this one aloud: "How to Ask Your Wife for a Divorce." (Yeah, he's a real comedian, that one.)

And finally, here's one for Weaselmomma: How to Shotgun a Beer.

What!? She loves beer! And she loves me! I know that, because she finally did her SHT for me! Here it is; Weaselmomma, in all her glory!

Thank you for that, Weaselmomma, and thank you for the Squirrel Award. I will pass it on just as soon as I remember what it's about. (Don't act all offended! You know you don't remember either! It's not my fault you waited months to display your SHT!)

Off to add Weaselmomma to the SHT Hall of Fame...where she clearly belongs!

P.S. Read yesterdays' post if you missed my Giveaway Winners!

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