Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thousand Words Thursday

Thousand Words Thursday is the genius idea of Cheaper Than Therapy (Jen), who also has a new Review Blog you might want to check out; there are lots of giveaways over there!) For more pictures that say a thousand words, visit Jen's Blog!

In case the photo doesn't tell you enough (and since I like to talk) I'll explain the photo. It's my nephew,Caden, a couple of years ago, after he was "bitten" by this guy:Poor kid; completely traumatized. So much so, that he has nightmares, even today. Sometimes it's buffalo, and sometimes it's spiders....

Okay, he does not have buffalo nightmares (or any nightmares that I know of.) I'm just trying to transition to this link, which is totally cute! If you are a brother or have a brother, Michelle's post will be especially funny to you! Stop over and get your laugh for the day!

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