Sunday, January 25, 2009

Well, I'll have you know...

One day, while on a roadtrip with Grandma4444, we were talking about this and that when she interjected with, "Well I'll have you know...." Well, of course, we all stopped talking to listen, because this sounded important. Grandma continued, with enthusiasm, all eyes on her (except Mr.4444, of course, who was driving), "that I bought a new pair of shoelaces this week! They cost me exactly $1.49. And wouldn't you know it--they were the wrong size!!"

We were speechless, until we burst out laughing (Grandma, too.) Then we pelted her with questions like, "Really? What color were they?" and "How much did you say they cost?!" "Wow."

Grandma has all her marbles, so she knew we were teasing her. We all had a good laugh, and now, every now and then when we are bored, one of us will offer, out of the blue, "Well, I'll have you know....that I bought a new pair of shoelaces...and they were the wrong size," and we will all smile.

TerriTerri made me think of this today when I read her post called, This one time? At band camp? This leads me to ask....Does your family have any goofy sayings? If so, how did they come about?

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