Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Fragments

I'm so glad you've joined me today for Friday Fragments; it's always nice to be able to purge the random thoughts from the week with friends! (For more about posting Friday Fragments, click the button above.)

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***I found some of the best photographs I've ever seen at f/ll this week. His header alone is fantastic. Wow. Thanks, JTF, for sending me to your talented hubby's site. You have a gem there! :)

***A student I've had for two years (who'll be going to high school next year and who would probably call me one of his favorite teachers) told me to "F--k off" this week. Let the separation begin...

***We were talking about angry fathers one day recently at school. One of my students (who doesn't live with his parents) said, "When my dad got pissed, he would beat my ass for like three days, until I was puking." Ten seconds later, he added, "But he's pretty cool, though." WTH?

***My Favorite Friday Fragment this week was Yaya, of Yaya Stuff:

"Teeth are weird." I mean really, have you ever thought about teeth? What the heck, they all come in individually to make a whole unit. Why don't we just have a row of white enamel instead of so many separate ones?

Yaya-you are brilliant. I'd love to Photoshop such a row (and would, if I had Photoshop.) Take this badge, if you like. (Cuz I have no money to award you.)***And finally, my favorite fragment (of mine) this week; offered to me in an email from classroom aide today. Kelly has a great sense of humor and is a very hard worker. She sent an update on one student's homework completed today. She ended her note with this (regarding 7th grade health class),

"On a funnier note, sex ed started today. Andy thought semen was a spice. Charlie still thinks it's all gross and still doesn't know how the sperm gets from the guy to the girl. (I'll let the teacher handle that one.)" Yup. She does not get paid nearly enough to take on that job!

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