Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Fragments

Bring me your tired, your poor, your funny, sad, random, or thought-provoking fragmented thoughts that you know someone will appreciate and you don't have the heart to discard. That's what Friday Fragments are for, and we are never disappointed. Thanks for joining me! To learn more about FF, click here.

***SO cool! Thursday night, in the middle of the blizzard outside, we saw flashes of lightening and heard thunder, twice! Wish I had it on video, because it was really freaky and amazing.

***Guess what? I won this beautiful baby snuggly set by Ahmelie at Brandy Ellen's Giveaway. I really admire both Ahmelie and Brandy, because they have inspiring entrepreneurial spirits, so I hope you will stop by and say hi. The snuggly I chose is not only functional (and will make a wonderful baby gift), but has a contemporary design that would make any tired Mommy feel like she has "still got style." The surprise greeting card was a very nice surprise, too. Thanks, ladies! :)

***My Favorite Fragmenter this week was a tough decision, by I ended up choosing Mighty Mom, who offered this:

"Why does the staff bathroom have to stay at 40 degrees Fahrenheit?? I have considered keeping a heating pad on the toilet seat on low all the time like my OB does his speculums...."

Men, I wish you could identify with the difference between a warm and a cold speculum. I guess you'll have to trust that this fragment gave all women who read it a very clear "visual." Thanks, Mighty Mom. Enjoy your award :)***Started using Disqus comments on Mrs.4444 Cooks. So far, I'm not sure if I'll like it, but the potential is exciting; they even have a VIDEO comment feature, which I love. If you've commented on Mrs.4444 Cooks in the past, your words are now hiding, so don't be afraid to pop over and leave a new one to help me work out the kinks! My most recent post was last night, for Chicken Spaghetti that is to die for!

***I stumbled upon this excellent article this week: Brain Chemicals and Modern Life from Born to Explore: The Other Side of A.D.D. The article talks about brain chemistry, our diets, and how they relate today. The thing I liked about it is that while several books are suggested, it does not appear to be an ad. One of the books recommended is The Edison Trait: Saving the Spirit of Your Free-Thinking Child in a Conforming World. The article is just a very educational, easy-to-read piece that taught me a lot about how what we eat affects our brains. I highly recommend it.

***OMGosh! Look what I found on Thursday night!!Google is recommending my blog? Seriously?! And I have 186 subscribers in Google Reader?! Wow. That just made my day!! Thanks, you guys!! That is such a treat.

I'm so glad to have a Friday Fragments post each week so I don't have to just discard those random thoughts that keep me up at night or those that just make me smile. It's so satisfying! Why don't you join me? (add your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post to Mr. Linky, so we can find out what keeps you awake at night!) By the way, yes, I am aware that my commenting feature has disappeared; yet one MORE reason to no longer want HALOSCAN to host my comments. I'm assuming the comments are not lost forever, but in a way, I hope they are, so I can feel no worries at all about making the switch to Disqus (or Blogger). GRRRRRR!

Update: The comments are back. I'm still not happy about it, though. Grrrr.

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