Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're All Connected

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a guy in Chicago by the name of "Scope." He had found me through a sort of spider-reaching experiment of his, and it inspired today's post. First, I have to say that I know almost nothing about the Six Degrees of Separation thing I've heard about on Facebook. I am simply too lazy to research it, but from Scope's post, I got the gist. I think it refers to someone's supposition that we are all connected in some way and that...aw dang it! Now I have to go read up a little... Okay, the idea is that everybody on his planet is separated by only six other people.

Here's what I decided to do; I went to a blog that I know (sorry; don't remember whose) and opened her Followers list. From there, I chose a follower that I did not know and poked around her blog. From there, I chose one of her Followers that I did not know, and so on. I set out to get very, very lost in cyberspace and see if after connecting with six bloggers I did
not know, I might find someone I do know in the last list of Followers. Here's what I found:

The Adams Family is a family blog, obviously. She has five kids and a very full life! From there, I found....

The MagnetWear Blog , which has seriously-adorable shirts for little kids, BTW. Her blog led me to...

This Little Light of Mine
Michelle's blog is new (she has only two followers); be a nice neighbor and drop by with a cake or something, will you? She's very sweet. Her "Light" led me to...

The Jones' Journey-Pour thing just had surgery on her toe and could use a get-well hello!

Huse Blog Is It Anyway? belongs to a fun, crafty, happy mom named Virginia. She's been blogging since 2005, so I knew I'd find plenty of Followers. I looked to see if I knew any (which is what this 6-degrees thing is all about, right?) and I did not.

At this point, having found myself surrounded by strangers (I had not seen a familiar face in 15 minutes), I thought, "Holy Cow! There must be a bajillion bloggers on this planet! I began to realize (duh!) that the 88 blogs in my Reader are but a spit in the ocean of bloggers out there. Wow. Just wow. Anyway....

Amy of Chapters
was the 6th blog I picked, mostly because she is gorgeous, honestly; her photo was beautiful. Turns out she is beautiful on the inside, too. When I saw that she has more than 200 followers, I figured I'd hit the jackpot and would know someone.

I was right, sort of. From there, I saw The Rambler, whom I do
not know, but I know that The Rambler that I do know is her long-lost twin!! How cool is that?! It was my first time at her blog, and I am now hooked. It's easy to see why The Rambler adores her; she's funny, entertaining, sensitive, and thoughtful. She's a gem.

So there you have it. In
eight degrees, through seven blogs of strangers, I found someone that I know! How weird is that?! Maybe the blogging world is smaller than I thought.

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