Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments; those bits and pieces of your week that are too small to stand alone, but too good to let go. It's the next best thing to closure. Thanks for joining us! [click on the button above for more details on FF.)

***March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. Joe and Leanna, parents of Cole, have written a post called The Face of CP. It's short and informative; I encourage you to read it if you don't know anything about CP.

***We've gone two full days now without Outlook at work! That means no email, no saved/deleted/drafts/sent emails, no calendar, etc. and there is a good chance we will not get anything back since the last day the system was backed up (some time in February.) In a way, it's kind of liberating.

***Focus on Lent-Many of you said you'd join me for Focus on Lent on the 18th to share our photos representing sacrifice, rebirth, and repentance. I don't know about you, but I'm finding it hard to focus on the task at hand! Don't worry, though, I'm not giving up. Just a reminder...

***My Favorite Friday Fragmenter last week was Yaya, because of this charming fragment:

"It's fun to sing naked!"

You have to agree, that one offers quite a visual. (I'll let you figure out who said it.) Yaya, here you go again! :)***I've aimed a little higher and am half-way to my final goal of $350 in my first-ever Relay for Life run/walk. Thanks to those who have offered moral or monetary support! It's not til April, so don't be afraid to come back if you win the lottery, find yourself in someone's will, or sell one of your kids.

***Until yesterday, I really didn't mind the three feet of snow still on the ground. I fell on the ice at the end of the driveway last night (scraped both hands, smacked my elbows, and hit my head. Thank God for my fluffy hood, which cushioned the blow.), and now I'm with everyone else; enough of this winter crap already! [Thanks. I'm okay.]

***The Blogging P's & Q's post is scheduled for tomorrow. You sent in some great points, and I look forward to getting a few peeves off my own chest, too!

I love unloading fragments as much as I enjoy reading yours; feel free to link up below and share the love! [Non-FF posts will be deleted, sorry.]

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