Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Old Friends

Thousand Words Thursdays are the brainchild of Jen, at Cheaper Than Therapy.

And because the thousand words that come to your mind aren't enough, I'm adding more. This photo was taken in 1972. That's my brother Dennis, me, sister Judy, and my friend, Angie.Angie and I met when I was six and she was five. She had a bike, and I did not. She let me use her little pink Huffy; showing me how to ride without training wheels (I remember that day!)

My dad discouraged my friendship with Angie, because her mom was divorced (a real taboo back then, I guess), but that didn't matter to me. We remained friends when she moved a few miles away and lived with her mom and step-dad, G. G worked nights and slept during the day; we'd play outside all day to avoid him "throwing a fit." I will never forget Angie putting a big mason jar of marbles just inside her bedroom door one night as we prepared for bed. She said it was so she would know if G was coming into her bedroom in the middle of the night to "mess with" her. [He never did when I was there.]

We remained friends when Angie moved a little further away, to a house near some railroad tracks. (The unexpected assault of train noise in the middle of the night scared me to death!) We even remained friends when Angie moved to Texas, a couple of years later. When I was 16, I flew out to visit her and had a few memorable experiences:

*My first swim in the Gulf of Mexico
*My first time (and last, thank God) being "flashed" on a Houston street corner by a pervert in a passing car.
*Being repeatedly referred to as a "Yank"

As it is with many friendships from our pasts, this one faded away, and I didn't work hard enough to hold on to the remaining tethers. I haven't heard from Angie in 19 years. (I've tried to find her through Facebook, but have been unsuccessful.)

So, here's to old friends. Wherever you are, Angie, I hope you're smiling as big as you were in the cookie photo :)

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