Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Agony of Defeat

I'm in the thick of it; 14 days of school left, three IEP's (Individualized Education Plans for Sped Ed kids) and spent three hours at an high school awards ceremony tonight, only to find that Kyle did not win the coveted award that he wanted; Student Council Student of the Year. He's an outstanding leader (many, many people in the past several years have gone out of their way to tell us so), but to him, taking second place didn't cut it tonight. It reminded me of a big competition I was once in, in which I "only" took 3rd place and was heartbroken. I learned a life lesson in the process, and I'll write about it one day (but not tonight).

We all have stories of times we didn't win; Spelling Bees, sporting events, "losing" that coveted guy/girl, etc. What's yours?

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