Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Fragments

Got fragments from throughout your week that you'd like to share? Bits and pieces, quotes and quips, philosophy or humor? You've come to the right place! Friday Fragment posts are the places to share all of your favorite randomness from your week. Thank for joining us!

***First, I'm sure you will love my Favorite Friday Fragmenter from last week, who gets to take this incredible award:The award goes to Renee, who wrote of a tragic event in her household...

And on a slightly sad note, Hubby's favorite pair of boxers finally had to be laid to rest. He is soooo sad. He brought them to me and asked me if I could patch them up. I told him, "Honey, they've paid their dues, let them rest now".

[I suggested that she make it into a little "blankey" for him.]
Enjoy your award, Renee! :)

***I've recovered, for the most part, from my wicked cold/cough/sore throat. The bad news? Poor Kendall seems to have caught it, just in time for Opening Night (tonight) of Bye Bye, Birdie!

***Got a room in your house that looks so nasty, you wouldn't let your dog sleep in it? Got a color in your bathroom that makes you nauseous or a room so outdated, you feel like you should be wearing a leisure suit when you're in it? Check out the My House Stinks contest to win up to $5000 and 50 gallons of Dutch Boy Eco-Friendly paint. Entering is as simple as uploading the most pathetic room in your house and posting it on the contest page. What would you have to lose?! If you don't want to enter, you can still vote. Here's the room I voted for:
***Great news! Did you know that you can now post to Blogger directly from Microsoft Word 2007?! This week, I read Blogging from Microsoft Word 2007 from Anthology of Snippets and learned how. Thanks, Lurchie! :)

***My Charmed Life is having a Miracle Blanket Giveaway. Entry is easy, and since I'm always liking the new and unique baby gifts, I'm going for it. I encourage you to do the same :)

***Got together with Molly on Thursday night (we took a nice long walk on a local walking/biking trail). I thought some of you would be glad to know that she seems a lot better to me. She said she's still hurting a lot, but there are more and more happy times in between. Ryan's class is graduating next month. They recently held "Senior Night" and honored Ryan's memory in a big way that touched Molly and her family members, who attended the event. It validated that Ryan's life was about so much more than the way he died. Molly said it was beautiful and healing, though very emotional. Thanks for your continued prayers for Molly.

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