Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fragments

Welcome to Friday Fragments! Home of one of the most satisfying posts you can share; just unload all of your random thoughts from throughout the week; the ones you just couldn't part with but were not quite entire posts. Thanks for joining us this week. [For more information about the P's and Q's of FF, click on the button above.]

***HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY, KYLE!! I could not dream of a son to be more proud of. Love you...***I failed to award the Favorite Friday Fragmenter award last week. It's probably because there were so many great fragments to choose from! I've finally narrowed it down to two (since I'm behind.)

From Sparkette: Went to the doctor for my annual big girl appointment (as said by Lula). I was kind of feeling spicy it being my birthday week and all. Yes I am that obbsessed. Soooo, when the nurse was asking my medical history it went down like this...

Nurse: blah, blah, blah...any history of STD's?

Me: No way...but sometimes I call my ex-husband one.

Nurse: (insert cricket noise here)

Me: Oh, sorry you must be dating him.

Nurse: Any history of breast cancer?

Seriously people I don't make this stuff up!

SmellyAnn shared this one: Rob was telling a disappointed Jack, "You can say 'darn' or 'aw, man!' once, but don't keep complaining!" Sophie (age 3) spoke up, "Or you can say 'shit'!" We about died laughing.

So, Ladies, enjoy your award :)***As part of her entry in my GoGirl Giveaway (Saturday is your last chance to enter), Karen, at Food, Glorious Food and Life in General sent me a link to this post, in which (if you scroll to the bottom) will find a hilarious story about her first experience with an American toilet. It's very funny, and it earned her two extra entries in the Giveaway. If you did not get to read my post about the GoGirl Giveaway, which includes a priceless demo video, I highly recommend you go there, too, because I think that's going to go down as my favorite post ever. (You won't be sorry.)

***A student complained today, "Why do old people get to drive those nice Cadillac cars? It's not like there's anyone to impress anymore when you're that old." I'm not making that up; it came from an 8th grade girl (who isn't even in spec ed.) We teachers didn't need to say much; her peers were up in arms over the comment and took it from there.

***Yesterday, someone in the lunchroom told my student (Shawn) to pull up his pants. His response was to pull them down. That, right there, is the essence of Shawn. Can you say "contrary"? Sixteen more days....

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