Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fragments

I always look forward to Friday Fragments, and so can anyone with ADD, because the posts are filled with usually-short bits and pieces of our weeks; collections of thoughts, "heard" items, and miscellaneous entertainment. See if you don't agree...

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***Six and a half days of school left....(Thank you, Lord.)

***Three hour drive tomorrow to a high school graduation. Should be fun, but what will I possibly do in a car without my Internet?! (Only kidding; I'm sure I'll survive.)

***Choosing a Favorite Friday Fragmenter last week was tough. I decided to choose two:

"At the Dublin Airport, as we were getting ready to get out flight to the Isle of Man, my mother decided to pop into the single handicapped bathroom to use the bathroom. She thought she had locked the door, until a rather large gentleman opened the door as she was just standing up. He backed up, and closed the door. When my mother came out of the bathroom she walked over to him to say she was sorry (or something along those lines) and the gentleman said to her, "You have nothing to be embarrassed about, you look adorable in your underpants!" The Goat

Joseph played outside by himself for 5 minutes straight this morning while I unloaded groceries. HEAVEN! During that five minutes, he emptied our bird feeder, sucked on Brian's BBQ tools, and broke a glass. I didn't even care- it was SOOO worth it! It's Spelled C-a-i-t-l-i-n

Ladies, enjoy your moment in the Fragmented spotlight :)

***She made us wait for two long months, but my dear sister Michelle has finally posted again. It's a heartwarming (brief) true-life drama that also offers suspense and a neatly-wrapped ending. Check out Home Tweet Home. And this just in! TWO posts in the same month?! Check out Lessons in ASStronomy, too.

***Ryan's brother, Brandon, is getting married tonight. (Mr.4444 and I will be there.) It's the family's first wedding. (Ryan would have been standing up, of course.) Gonna be a tough one for Molly and her family; I'm really glad we'll be there to support them.

***Check out this AWESOME gift idea, made by my very creative SIL, Karen. She made it for my SIL Mary Sue (a.k.a. Merry Sue), who had a certain milestone birthday last weekend:In case you can't make it out, it's an old golf bag with flowers planted in every pocket. (Karen left a few clubs in it for accents.) Isn't it adorable?!

***Yaya needs your thoughts and prayers. She and her husband are hoping to be given the gift of becoming adoptive parents for these sibling kiddos:All positive thoughts and/or prayers are welcome!

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