Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekly Winners: Musical Style

Kendall played Mrs. MacAfee in her middle school's production of Bye Bye Birdie this weekend. Here she is with "Mama," played by a very talented young lady who stole the show with her hilarious and enthusiastic portrayal of a mother/martyr who constantly meddles in her son's life.The MacAfee family....Isn't our set design crew incredible? This is from "The Telephone Hour" song.Caden and Logan came to support their favorite cousin.
And finally, remember the "Reely Big Shew?!" (you have to be old enough). I can't say the name of it, because I don't want someone Googling it and finding this post, because I pirated this video. Shhhh!) In the musical, Mr. MacAfee idolizes the host of this show, and in this clip, the family sings about their good fortune; being guests on an upcoming show. (Kendall is the alto voice.)

Here's hoping your weekend was musical :)

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