Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fragments

I'm simply loaded with fragments this week; lots of miscellaneous thoughts/observations/questions swimming in my head (I guess it's the summer vacation :) I love having Friday Fragments to unload them. Thanks for joining me!

***Dear Seven Other Toads (in the grass when I was mowing),
There is a limit to my compassion. That limit is one, sorry. (Guess that means I shouldn't bother applying to work at PETA.)

***Hey, just so you know, if you start your post by telling me it is boring, stupid, or lame, I stop reading. As Dr. Phil would say, "When people tell you what their posts are like, believe them." (I'm just sayin'...)

***On Wednesday, I took a walk down "Memory Lane" in the hiking journal I referred to in my post. Here's one gem:

July 20th-Mt. Baker
....We also found a terrific restaurant/bar willing to serve us (the only customers) dinner at 10:00 at night! The food at Fuego's "transcends genres," according to the bandana'd waiter with the diaper-pin earring! Other than the pubic hair in Molly's fajita, the experience was wonderful!

***I go to Awkward Family Photos once per week and laugh til I cry.

***Sometimes, I wish I had a Rated R blog, so that I could post some of the HILARIOUSly witty things Mr.4444 says to me now and then. (Mr.4444, thanks for cracking me up today.)

***I'm leaving for BlogHer on Thursday, July 23rd, around noon, from the Green Bay area. Any females interested in carpooling? Chevy is offering a free vehicle to borrow for the trip for groups of three or more....

***Don't you HATE when you push "Publish Post" prematurely? Dang, it makes me crazy when I do that.

***Michelle, at Just Eat It, was my Favorite Friday Fragmenter from last week! Here's the one that did it for me:

I am Oz the Great and Powerful, who are you?

So after the landscaper guy down the block twice hawked at me 'what about those hedges?' I got to it. Why pay him when I can do it myself? I don't need a man. I can handle power tools. I built my own chicken coop. I am woman hear me roar. Armed with my power hedge clipper I proceeded to clipper right through the extension cord, sustaining a lovely 1oo amp jolt. Fine, I've got another cord. Clippered right thru that one too. Ouch. hmmpf... didn't want to shape my hedges anyway...

She also had this one...

Mrs.4444 wrote about saving rocks. How about body parts? I have 27 teeth hidden in my jewelry box, and 3 shriveled umbilical stumps that look like they should be sprinkled on my morning cereal or baked into muffins or something.
What have you saved?

So, Michelle, congratulations! Yes, you have won the "coveted" award this week.

***Sometimes, being bored in a waiting room is a good thing. Look what I found in my purse while waiting at the vet's office last week:It was supposed to be my lunch on the last day of school; nice, whole grain bread for PB toast. (Time to get a smaller purse, I guess.)

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