Monday, June 8, 2009

Six Flags Parenting FAIL

Did a lot of people-watching while serving as designated "Holder of the Stuff" at Six Flags on Friday....

A little girl, who could not have been more than 7 or 8, was being walked out of a line for The Dark Night by her obviously-irritated father.

"But Daddy, I just don't want to go on that ride!" she implored, her face an apology. (She was letting him down.)

Grumpy Dad replied, in a threatening, exasperated tone, "Fine!! That's one 'No.' Two more, and remember what I said; you're going out to sit in the car!"

And off he stomped, pulling her behind him.

It's one thing to encourage your child to be adventurous, but this was not the case. It seemed clear to me that he was ticked that he had to hang out with his kid (who probably preferred more age-appropriate rides, the selfish brat), rather than having some "big kid" fun.

Next time, Dad, bring a babysitter or schedule a "Dad's Day at Six Flags" if you need to put your own needs first. Your daughter would probably appreciate it as much as you.

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