Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekly Winners

The sarcastic, loving, multi-talented Lotus, of Sarcastic Mom, is the hostess for Weekly Winners, a collection of favorite photos taken each week. Here's my offering this week:

I once told you about My Black Thumb (read the post if you need to laugh today). Mom, however, has a very, very green thumb. I took these pics at her house this week.I failed to get this beauty completely in the frame, but it's still a winner....No idea what type of plant this is, but it hangs in Mom's kitchen window and is incredibly happy there. This one's my new desktop background...These irises grow at the entrance to our neighborhood...Here's something I am good at growing...(Kyle, with his girlfriend, Krista)Random fossil pic from my Between a Rock and a Hard Place post from earlier in the week. (I love that post.)And finally, I call this photo "Passing the Torte," because I taught Kendall how to make Grandma 4444's delicious and often-requested Cherry Torte. She did a great job. Grandma 4444 is proud.

For many more Weekly Winners, visit Sarcastic Mom.

Have a GREAT week!

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