Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bedside Mannerisms

I'll never forget the day I found out that I would be on bedrest for the next 12 weeks of my pregnancy with Kyle. We lived in up-state New York at the time and had planned a long-overdue trip home to Wisconsin; I needed it so much. When the doctor (whom I had never met before that day) said that I needed to stay in bed, I said, "You mean just rest a lot, right? I can still go home next week and just rest there, right?" The doctor replied, "No. You need to stay here."

That's when the damn broke. I started blubbering. The doctor slowly moved to the foot of my bed and reached out...for the toes on my right foot. If I hadn't been so hormonal upset, I might have laughed at his lame attempt to comfort me. Instead, I just hiccupped tears, and he let go of my foot and asked if I had any further questions. I didn't.

I thought differently about this incident once I read this post from Falling Slowly.

I guess doctors are human, too.

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