Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fragments

You know how your doctor always tells you to eat more fiber? Just like fiber, Friday Fragments help you get rid of all the extra stuff you enjoyed but didn't find useful enough to keep (for a complete post). Thanks for joining us as we share our miscellaneous thoughts/observations/questions/quotes from our week! [Click on the button above to learn more.]

***My new friend Sara Bonds, of Ordinary and Awesome, has a Friday meme just like Friday Fragments, called Friday's Freewrite. Check it out! You are welcome to grab her button and link up there, too! ***Kids driving you crazy already this summer? Ask yourself how much structure is in their days. now that school is out. If they go from school (which is highly structured) to a home that has very little structure built into the day, kids often feel out of sorts and end up acting out their anxiety (even if they don't realize it.) Although my kids are older now and sleep half the day in the summer, they still appreciate structure (Kendall just asked if she could retype our summer chore chart from last summer, so there's your proof.) There is excellent advice for how to structure your child's summer without dragging everyone down here.

***Waking in the middle of the night, I puzzled over why I could hear the rhythmic bbbbb......bbbbb........bbbbbb vibrating of my phone on the nightstand when I thought for sure I had turned it to Silent before going to sleep. After a minute or so, I realized it was Mr.4444 snoring (very quietly). I love that man.

***Is this a cool-looking bike, or what? Want to win one? Click here or on the button on my sidebar to learn more. (Hurry-Contest ends July 15th.)

***Feeling like Mr.4444 and needing your piggies painted a new and jazzy color? Jules is having a Piggy Paint Giveaway that ends July 15th.

***Been feeling unsettled about the fact that Blogger's schedule-post feature has been acting up for weeks. I feel better now, though, because I backed up my blogs, just in case Blogger goes haywire. If you use Blogger, you should, too. Click here to find out how. It's very simple and will give you peace of mind (at least on the blogging front, haha.)

***Tri-County Pumpers came out to empty our septic system. Guy didn't even wear a mask, which is impressive (that has to be a sh-tty job.) He said our filter was clogged, and we are lucky we didn't have a basement full of poop. Yikes! Have you cleaned your septic filter lately? (There is now a reminder on our calendar.)

***Lucky, schmucky! A mandatory, unpaid, "minimum" "vacation" has been handed down by Mr.4444's employer for the last week in July. Not feeling so lucky about that, but I guess he still has a job, so that's a bonus.

***I couldn't decide with Fragmenter was my favorite this week, so I picked two:

While we were at an amusement park earlier this week, I was sure I had something unattractive in my nostril for all to see. I really wasn't interested in picking my nose, but I also didn't want to be walking around with any nasty sh-- hanging out. I didn't have a mirror or tissues and CJ and I were in line for a ride. I finally leaned over and quietly asked, "Is there anything in my nose?" He looked real close and said, "No, not really." I was concerned about the "not really" and asked, "What do you mean 'not really'?" His answer? "Oh, there's just a lot of hair." Lovely. The inside of my nose apparently resembles that of an 85 year old man. I think I am going to have to buy some nose hair trimmers. Blogging Under the Influence

And, from Crazy Jules:

Maeci volunteered to cook dinner last night. YAY! She was jammin' to the music as she was putting her culinary talents to work. However, in 2 seconds flat, kitchen dancing became uncool, when I busted up onto her dance floor and showed her some of my moves. "Mom, that just looks wrong!" ....what?!!?? Me look wrong? I've got sweet moves....That girl must have lost her mind! Whatever.

Ladies, no need to fight over it; you may each take this lovely award.And speaking of awards, I want to thank those of you who have given me awards and decided against honoring my award policy (which I require for passing awards on, which is an incredibly time-consuming job). While I am a little bummed about missing your SHTs, I do appreciate being absolved of the work. (Hey, I'm just keeping in real here. I love my award policy, because it keeps people from tossing the proverbial "hot potato" (awards) my way. heehee) BUT, in the spirit of appreciation, I really, really want all of you to have this award, which was bestowed upon me waaaay back in the day by Huckdoll (thanks again, Huck!) It's my all-time favorite award, and I want you to have it (no strings attached), just because I appreciate your taking time out of your busy day to read my blog. Go ahead-it's yours :)
So, if you want to be really healthy, take on some more fiber and link your Friday Fragments post here (and don't forget to link up and meet other peeps at Ordinary and Awesome, too!):

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