Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fragments/Friday's Freewrite

It's time for our weekly "brain dump," "thought purge," "mind cleanse," or whatever you like to call it; your chance to unload the random, miscellaneous thoughts/observations/quotes that are cluttering up your brain and dying to get out. Friday Fragments and Friday's Freewrite (hosted by Sara, of Ordinary and Awesome) are the best way to share those bits that were to short for stand-alone posts, but you couldn't let go. To learn more about either one, click on the buttons above.

***If you haven't seen my Be Bright Pink Giveaway post, please check it out. Swag package includes coupons for free Starbucks ice cream, a Go-Girl, a Mary Kay lip gloss sample, and much more! Deadline for entries is Monday.

***Like Twitter? Think Twitter is stupid? Here's a parody you might like, no matter how you feel. I also found this article about Twitter Etiquette, which is interesting. The post was written by Jeremy Bray, at, who also wrote a follow-up article on Twitter Etiquette, inspired by comments he received on the first one. If you Twitter and don't want to annoy the crap out of other Twitter users, Jeremy says there are things you should/shouldn't do, though whether or not he is right is up for debate. I think he would hate me, as I broke several of his rules just last night. (Feel free to set me straight.)

***Feeling some withdrawals from BlogHer. I was appalled yesterday when I went to the grocery store and they actually made me pay for my groceries! Don't they know how influential I am and that they should have given me those items for free? Sheesh!

***Mel's new hairdo was my Favorite Friday Fragment from last week-WOW! Doesn't she look amazing?! (Her husband must feel like he's cheating on her now.)Here's your award, Mel, although you are probably thrilled enough without it! :)***Our newest Fragmenter, Stephanie, of Mama Still Wears Gucci, shared this fragment, which I thought others might also appreciate (it cracked me up):

Joshua loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I HATE it when James fixes them for him, because he takes the knife and dives to the very bottom of the peanut butter and scoops out a giant glob, which not only makes for a huge mess when my two year old wants to eat it, but it also leaves a giant, gaping hole in the peanut butter jar. I HATE that. I like the surface of the peanut butter to be nice and even, thank you.

Do you share Stephanie's strong feelings about peanut butter jar aesthetics? Would you like to join her support group?

***I've been adding some blogs to my reader from business cards received at the conference. FYI, unless you are my BFF, I will not follow your blog if every post has a link to "read more here..." Can't explain it; I just don't like it. Sorry. Also, if your font is 8pt or smaller, I'm out of there. I'm 46 years old--my eyes don't work like they used to, I'm going to be reminded of that every time I go to your site, so I'm just going to avoid that.

***I've been doing a lot of cleaning of cupboards so far this summer. Here's what I found in one of them. Any suggestions?

***As I was cleaning and deciding what to keep, I just kept thinking, "Losing this item does not erase the memory of the event." For example, why in the world have I kept every single movie stub I ever got? Seriously; a hundred years from now, all anyone will have to do is look up movies in Google to see what movies were playing back in the late 70's and on. My stubs will not tell anyone who I went with or whether or not the movie made a difference in my life (none of them did, actually). I've decided the stubs can go to the recycling bin. Besides, I have a blog now; any memories worth keeping are slowly being recorded here (and backed up, I might add). I think it's time to let go of a lot more "stuff."

***I'm all caught up with last week's Friday Fragmenters, but my Reader is still pretty much full. If you've written a recent post you really liked (but I might have missed) and want me to read, please add it to your comments.

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