Monday, July 27, 2009

MORE Weekly Winners-BlogHer Recap

Weaselmomma, meeting BusyDad at BlogHer and receiving her Lego "swag," personally autographed by BusyDad's son, Fury.

Note to self: Should you (self) decide to go to BlogHer2010 in NYC, please remember to think carefully about roommate choices. While Weaselmomma is hilarious, thoughtful, endearing, and a natural-born cheerleader, she also snores like a drunken sailor, gets up at 4am (and remains in the room), and has to have the TV on all night (and the next morning, as her roommate is trying to sleep.) I kid (a little). Even with her odd nocturnal habits, I would be her roommate again at BlogHer. I think. (p.s. She gave her blessing on my posting this.)

BlogHer was everything I had hoped it would be. It was my first convention of any kind, and I have to say WOW-it was incredibly overstimulating much of the time (picture being in the midst of a 1500 chirping, happy birds), but mostly, it was fantastic. I honestly don't think I have ever been so consistently pumped-up happy and excited for such an extended length of time. It was like a class reunion in which you know and love every single person you meet. It seemed like everyone was happy (albeit exhausted) all the time. Needless to say, I'll be sleeping in tomorrow morning. (I'll try to stay awake long enough to finish writing this post!)

Now, don't even get me started on the food....or the 21 inspiring, uplifting, moving BlogHer Keynote speeches. (My favorite, which moved me to tears, was Forgiveness Where It Belongs, by Grace Davis, but you can read them all here.

I met numerous well-known and beloved bloggers, such as Mr.Lady and Momofali (both every bit as charming IRL, I have to say.)And Melisa and Sue were thrilled to meet the ever-famous Carson Kressley, and Weaselmomma loved meeting Paula Dean. (Photo courtesy of Michelle, at Honest and Truly)

Here is my new BFF, Ree, The Pioneer Woman (Yes, I know--WOW!) I am pleased to say that she is incredibly nice, polite, and every bit as endearing as she seems on her blog.And the very next day after this found myself, I found myself stalking talking with Ree's handsome cowboy husband, The Marlboro Man, for about 20 minutes, outside a session in which Ree was speaking. The Marlboro Man is a true gentleman; a wonderful father (two of their "punks" were waiting there, too) and it was a treat talking with them. I have sometimes been skeptical about whether or not the Pioneer woman is a real person (how in the world does she do it all?!) with real children (they're so polite!!), but after this photo, I have no more doubts (little rascals! :)I even got to meet someone really famous...The main reason I came to BlogHer was to meet friends I've made over the Internet these past two years. It was exciting, entertaining, and uplifting; sharing my first BlogHer experience with Weaselmomma, Melisa, Sue, Heather, Michelle, and Tara (among others!!). I used to refer to them as "my blogger friends," and I'm pleased to say that in the future, I feel quite comfortable just saying "friends."

Other than this (and one other post about which I am very passionate) I'll give the BlogHer subject a rest now :) Thank you very much for your patience about me getting to your posts this week. I very much look forward to catching up with you soon!

For more Weekly Winners, visit Lotus (whom I also got to meet this weekend!) at Sarcastic Mom!

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