Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Mom is Crazy (in a good way)

My mom is 80, but you'd never know it; she has the spirit of a child and is way too much fun for an 80-year-old. For example, Mom has been dressing up in costumes and singing crazy songs since I can remember. It keeps her young, certainly; she really, really loves it. She and three of her friends have been singing together for more than 30 years. They started out as Sweet Adelines, but broke off into their own singing group called The Stumblebums. Thirty years later, "The Bums" continue to practice weekly, and they even have a "gig" now and then. Tonight, I went along to one of their "sing-outs" (for the first time) and took a little video. (The performance was for a small audience at a local assisted living facility.)

The Stumblebums sing some sweet melodies, as evidenced by this clip,

but the thing that really crazy is the ridiculous outfits Mom puts on in the name of entertainment. Tonight, she rolled out a new act. Here it is...

"Elvis" was a big hit! (I can see a 100th birthday party in our future...)

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