Monday, July 20, 2009

Parents: Not Always as Dumb as They Look

It's funny how, as kids, our egocentricity makes us think we know everything, that our parents are stupid, and that we are invisible whenever we want to be.

Some friends we met recently (Tammy and John) told a story about how their neighbors had been telling them that their 17-year-old son had been sneaking out at night and hanging out in the neighborhood (doing Lord knows what.) They decided to bust him, but creatively.

The next day, Tammy told John to dress all in black. Around 10pm, they yawned and said they were headed to bed. They said goodnight to their son in the family room, closed their bedroom door, and snuck out to the back yard, where their younger kids had a treehouse. Laughing and shushing each other, they climbed up into the treehouse (a few feet off the ground) and settled in to wait.

"We could see him inside the house from our spot in the treehouse. In no time, he was up and sneaking around, looking to make sure we weren't still up. His head peeked out the kitchen window, but of course he couldn't see us out there in the dark. After walking from room to room a couple of times, he went into his (lower level) bedroom. A minute later, the light in his room went out, and his bedroom window opened. Sure enough, the little bugger climbed right out and headed for the back of the lot, until....

Just where in the hell do you think you're going?!

Think he had to change his shorts?

So, what's your story? How stupid did you think your parents were? Were you a goody-two-shoes; too afraid to sneak out, or did you have enough rope to hang yourself? Or maybe you were a rebel? A hopeless failure at fooling your parents? Do tell! I'd love to read your story (in the comments, or in a post.)

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