Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekly Winners

We went to my sister Mary's house this week. I wanted to check out her flower garden and just visit a little. Don't ask me what these are called; I just thought they were cool. The kids had fun throwing the Frisbee for Homer, who lives and breathes to catch Frisbees. He is one of the smartest dogs I have ever met, seriously. If you point to something and say, "Homer, would you please get that for me?" he is off to get it and bring it to you. He doesn't always know the difference between one person's shoe and another's but so what?! Mary also served us this delicious homemade pizza that was so pretty, I had to take a photo.I also have to share this prize-winner of my nephew Caden, whose mother is currently hiding from Child Protective Services, for fear she will be reported as a result of this photo (yes-he does eat, believe it or not when she lets him out of his cage.)

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