Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Teacher Tweets

I discovered Twitterfall this week, during a technology committee meeting for school. (I don't think you don't need to have a Twitter account to enjoy it.) All you do is type a subject into the Search field (bottom left) and watch. You'll see a "waterfall" of Tweets (in real-time) on that subject, from all over the world. I like that you don't have to keep refreshing your screen to see the Tweets as they fall. (You can freeze the Tweets if they are going too quickly.)

You can see Tweets on all of your favorite TV shows, news topics, or whatever you enjoy reading about. Twitterfall is an excellent Web 2.0 tool for networking! I'm excited about meeting other teachers and finding classroom resources I might otherwise not know about.

The first time I was at Twitterfall, I typed in "Brett Favre" and enjoyed reading from the hundreds of Tweets from all over the world; it was entertaining. Tonight, while looking for teachers who Tweet, I typed in "Teacher." It was very interesting. I guess I'd forgotten how much disdain some students have for their teachers! Here's a collection of Tweets I read in less than five minutes. (I've put asterisks in place of the Twitter I.D.'s of the negative commenters, just cuz.)

*pretty sure my cal teacher is autistic...just sayin.

*fml, f-ck this teacher [Note: I removed the "u."]

*I don't like my Geography teacher. I find it annoying to listen to her. Like, her voice is really annoying and whiney.

* lawl i hate my Cooking Teacher me and Kate both we have to write a report about Vegetarianism ok?

*English teacher = pedo bear. [Kendall told me this means the teacher is a pedophile.]

*Mr.Wright was brushing his teeth in class he is the worst 6th grade teacher ever

*It may just be me, but the whole Spanish curriculum we use just sucks. The textbook, the workbooks, the teacher....... SUCK

*So my English teacher gave me an essay on the second day of school, what ev!

*Sitting in College Algebra. . . . . Hoping the teacher doesn't have an accent. . . .

*energy drinks will kill your liver, says my crazy econ teacher haha

* Dis teacher said psychology wnt b hard, bt damn hes mkin it hard wit all dis hmewrk on da 1st day...

*my teacher's skin looked like a desert storm today and i couldnt focus

*haha its actually this hot girl teacher. Her voice is just so meh meh meh.

*WTF my professor sounds like he got lumps of cottage cheese and spit bubbles all in his mouth.

* my english teacher is weird.

I'm hoping 6th graders are more gentle, haha (I assume the preceding Tweets are from students in high school or college.) Thankfully, not all of the Tweets about teachers were negative...

PatrickdSpikes Got to love when your teacher in college is 26!!!!

BEYASHAsteez brah my history teacher is fine as hell!! This is gonna be a nice a school year

Bellizio My physics teacher just used the expression "if I pull a boner"...

zoeleeanne hahaha the teacher told jacob to twitter wat he told her

MeTheErin Thought I was going to hate Chemistry but my teacher's awesome AND we get to blow sh-t up :)

DonSRiddell RT : I am grateful for teachers who come into our lives to teach us right, and wrong. My #1 teacher: http://www.wisdom-of-scotty.com/

JDOG123456 I'm doing this art project for my art teacher. She is AWESOME her name is Ms. Kahle.

DelynaSalazar I think my algebra teacher is on crack, hahaha....seriously! He makes class soo worth it! :)

NileyJyrusFan I wanna give a #shoutout to my Geometry teacher who gave my phone back :D ....he's actually not allowed to do that but he's a good guy:)

aaquijano Meet the teacher tonight at RAE. Teacher seemed nice. Good luck Nikky. This is the beginning of the rest of your life.

CANEISLANDPOOL Ok I like the teacher.... And I signed up to be a PTA mom :)

sgoldman At meet the teacher night. My 8th grade teachers were NEVER this enthusiastic. Ever.

So, remember, if you are Tweeting about your teacher (or boss!), he/she just might be reading....

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