Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners is a Sunday tradition over at Sarcastic Mom's place. Post your favorites from your week and visit Sarcastic Mom to link up and to see many photographic gems!

A little side for brunch...
Picked Kyle up for the weekend from the YMCA, where the buses drop the camp kids off. Here he is, so happy to see his mommy again.Here's where the rookies park, heehee.
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Kendall and I goofed around in the woods this afternoon...

Mr.4444 made a delicious roast with candied carrots for dinner tonight. I contributed the mashed potatoes. Doesn't this look yummy?!
As we began to eat, I noticed that everyone had his/her own method of enjoying the potatoes. Kendall made a little well, put a pat of butter in it, and then scooped potatoes over the butter to make a happy little "butter burst" surprise for later.Mr.4444 did the classic gravy volcano.......and what does this say about me?

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