Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekly Winners/Sundays in My City

Weekly Winners is a Sunday meme hosted by Lotus Carroll at Sarcastic Mom. She has some stunning photos up today; you will be happy you visited if you stop by. Wow. While you're there, link up your week's favorite photos and see some from other, very talented photographers (I'm just an amateur, but it's fun anyway :)

Another great Sunday meme is Sundays in My City, from Unknown Mami. Check out scenes from all over the world and plan you next vacation!

Okay, I've been crazy-busy this week, preparing my classroom and getting ready for the new school year, so I only had time for a few shots. Here's what I've got...

I call this one No Time to Cook
Calm Before the Storm...

Played in Picnik just a little bit. This one's called Shredded Wheat (it just reminds me of Frosted Mini-Wheats!)
Got lost for about an hour on Saturday afternoon. Since I was already late, I stopped to snap this one.I always wonder why farmers sometimes leave a tree in the middle of a farm field. Maybe it's so they have some shade under which to enjoy their lunches?

Gotta run! If I haven't read your FF post yet, thanks for your patience. Have a terrific week!

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