Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fragments

I don't know what I would do without Friday Fragments, honestly. FF is my haven; my retreat from structure and the confines of paragraphs. I'm just so happy to be here, setting all of my random thoughts free. I'm glad you decided to join me. Thanks :) Want to feel this same level of peace? Click on the FF button above.

Friday's Freewrite, hosted by Ordinary and Awesome, is also a happy place; wander over and experience the freedom! Friday Fragmenters and Freewriters are always welcome to link up!

***Unknown Mami was my Favorite Friday Fragmenter last week:

Have you heard of the "Sperm Wug"? It's a type of parasite that attaches itself to otherwise healthy men's sperm and causes them severe pain when they scratch their genitals. I had never heard of it either until word verification told me about it.

Okay, I might have made that up, but you know I hate word verification.

Mami, this award is yours :) ***In her Fragments, Sue (of As Cape Cod Turns) turned me to following ShitMyDadSays on Twitter. This 28-year-old guy who lives with his 73-year-old dad has more than 300,000 followers who read his tweets, which are entertaining quips from his dad. I absolutely love it! Thanks, Sue!

Jamie, of Him, Me, and Our Three wrote this:
***Princess joined me as I was getting dressed the other day. She saw me putting on lotion and asked for some. It was a bottle of Vanilla Bean Noel that I'd found hidden in the back of my cabinet. She rubbed it on her arms and then looked up and exclaimed "Mommy! I smells like a cookie!"

I loved this. It reminded me how much I hate lotion scents that smell like food. Really-Why would anyone want to smell like a cinnamon bun or caramel corn?! Vanilla scent is fine with me, but once you start going down the bakery lane, I find it sickening.

***I'm kinda bummed that I can't really ride my bike "no-handed" anymore without risking emergency intervention.

***Mrs. K entertained budding scientists today by showing them what could happen if they do not wear their goggles in the lab. (She dropped acid onto cow eyeballs in the lab station.) I let her have all the fun. (I wonder, Where does one buy cow eyeballs, anyway? Eyeballs 'R Us?)

***I let Kyle get supper at The Urban Frog tonight, even though it's very expensive there; everything is organic and healthy-looking. However, he's such a good kid that I agreed, and I'm glad I did; there's nothing like watching a boy eat a nice, big, healthy meal. His comment after drinking his bright orange carrot, apple, berry smoothie was, "This doesn't really have a flavor; it's more like an emotion. It's like liquid happy." (Tough to say no to that.)

***Found a dime on the floor of the shower this morning. How weird is that?!

***At Mom's tonight, she shared a bunch of idioms from a book she's reading, and I had never heard of one of them, but I love it; "All hat and no cattle" refers to someone who pretends to be something that they are not or maybe someone who is all talk and no action. Although I hope to never hang out with anyone who is all hat and no cattle, I hope I get to use the expression some day.

Okay, you know what to do-If you have a FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post, add your link below, visit some other Fragmenters, and head over to do the same at Sara's place. Bring treats, though; she has a lot of pets who will greet you when you arrive!

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