Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fragments/Friday's Freewrite

Step right up and partake in Friday Fragments; bits and pieces of our weeks; plenty to fill you up, but not leave you bloated and guaranteed not to make you fat. For more info about FF and how to join in the party, click the button above. And while you're at it, visit Ordinary and Awesome, too. Sara welcomes FF links and vice versa. We're glad you're here.

***I'm using some wonderful soap that I got at BlogHer. It has a mild scent, is exfoliating, and lathers great. Now, if I could just remember who makes it. (I threw the box away accidentally.) Let me know if you know. It's light green and has little black thingies in it. Soooo nice.

***Eternal Lizdom's fragment about how seeing this sweet little face makes her forget any of her troubles made me, too, forget anything negative. What a treasure, this one....
***The good aspects of weight loss do not require discussion. A bad thing? Wrinkles. Not sure I like the new, wrinkly look under my eyes and on my smile. (Which is fine, because I've already gained the weight back since I drafted this last week, so I'm wrinkle free again, haha.)

***If you must keep your word verification (and really, must you?) would you please keep it built into the comments? I hate the new thing I've seen lately in Blogger; WV that pops up after I have posted my comment. It only adds a few seconds of time, but boy, is that annoying!

***If you're in the mood to laugh and you've never seen my Go-Girl video from last May, I strongly recommend that you view it. Anyone who has seen it will back me up-It's priceless.

***My Favorite Friday Fragment this week came from Evansmom, at Just Sayin':

"Did you read about the couple that got robbed while having an "intimate moment" in a dumpster? They had jewelry and money stolen so it isn't like they were homeless. I wonder how they happened to end up in a dumpster. "Let's go back to your place." "No, honey, my place is an absolute wreck. Let's go to a dumpster instead!" or perhaps "I can't wait to get you alone!" "Hey, look there is an empty dumpster! We don't have to wait!". Seriously, if my husband ever asked for an intimate moment in a dumpster, I would have him climb in first and leave him there. Yuck!"

Here's your award, Evansmom! Thanks for the smile.

***On Friday of last week, I saw a scumbag, pig, pervert who was arrested the previous week for breaking into a tanning room to stare at a naked woman. He's been arrested several times for the same behavior, including sneaking into a college dorm to watch girls shower (I guess nine months in jail didn't fix him.) Here's his photo: Doesn't he even look like a loser/pervert? Guess where I saw him? At the high school football game! That's right. There he was, oggling teenage girls on the dance team, etc. I was appalled, and when I phoned the police to report it (surely a man with his record would have some type of restrictions, right?) I was told that he was not doing anything against the terms of his probation. DISGUSTING!

***It is impossible for me to properly judge the value of a post. Sometimes, those I love turn out to be flops in the comment department, but some posts that I expect will recieve a ho-hum response often end up with some of the richest, most rewarding comments. Hello? Is Anybody There? is one such post. I will forever treasure the intimacy of the comments on that post. If you commented, thank you. If you didn't, you're probably going to hell. (Sorry, I couldn't resist writing that last line-it cracked me up a lot!)

***Thanks for the love and care you showed me this week; your emails, comments of support, and prayers for Molly have been very comforting. Keep the prayers coming; as you know, CG's conviction does not bring Ryan back, and there is much more healing to do.

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