Sunday, September 20, 2009

Measuring Up

I know what you're here for, and I'm sorry; I had no time to take any Weekly Winners or Sundays in My City pics this week. (unless you count yesterday's video.) Instead, I want to celebrate!

I'm half-way to my weight loss goal, which (if you read my Tweet or Facebook page) you know was to get both bewbs down to one handful each. (I'll let you figure out what "half-way" means.)
Oh, and that's my hands, not Mr.4444's, though he frequently offers to help me measure. [Clearly, I have plenty of help in this regard, so no volunteers will be necessary, thank you!]

I was musing about weight loss to Mr.4444, "I think that as long as I'm able to suck it all in [my gut] and be satisfied with my appearance, I don't get too worried. I hope I never see the day when I can't suck it in anymore."

Mr.4444 wisely replied, "I will love you, no matter how much you weigh."

"Awwww. Thanks."

He continued, "I might leave you, but I will always love you." (Always good for a laugh, that Mr.4444.)

And..."The deal-breaker would be a mustache."

Great. (I don't have much of a mustache yet.)

Mr. Compassionate mused further, "I suppose some ladies might just have bad eyes and don't see the mustache when they look in the mirror."

Here's to bifocals...

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