Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday's Tip

One day, I was walking home with my middle school friend, "Jane," who was in tears and lamenting about how mean her older sister was. I felt for her, because honestly, her sister was the snottiest, snobbiest, most know-it-all, bossy crab-ass I knew. To say she was moody would be like saying Joan Rivers has had "a little work done."

Thinking I was showing solidarity for my poor friend, I offered up, "I know! She's such a bitch!"

Jane wheeled around, stopped dead in her tracks and angrily snapped , "Don't you ever call my sister a bitch again!"

(Sheesh! I was only trying to be supportive!)

That day, I learned a life lesson that has obviously stayed with me; never, never, never agree with someone when they complain about a family member or loved one, no matter how vehemently. Just nod your head and be supportive, because we can all rip on our own family members, but no one else is allowed to.

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