Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Fragments

When I read this introduction to Mama Still Wears Gucci 's Friday Fragments last week, I knew I needed to recycle it, because it is fabulous! Check it out:

Alas, my world is in turmoil, my life is upside down, left is right, black is white, the world makes no sense. So the permission to write in little unrelated snippets is a balm to my chapped little soul. (Well, that and chasing vicodin with wine.)

That's right, folks! Never mind the drugs; Friday Fragments are the Carmex/Burt's Bees/LipSmackers balm to our aching hearts, our wounded selves, our....Well, it's just plain therapeutic, really. (Thank you, Mama, for that gem.) To learn more about Friday Fragments, click on the button above. And don't be afraid to also check out Sarah's Friday Freewrite and link up as well. The more, the merrier!

***Choosing a Favorite Friday Fragmenter this week was tough! Mighty Mom's tidbit was definitely in the running...

While getting ready for work tonight I was shocked to realize that I could SEE my feet!!!.......................

[I (Mrs.4444) was thinking hm...weight loss--how wonderful for her! That's quite an accomplishment! but then....]

.............................................................guess who forgot to take her glasses off before getting in the shower??

MightyMom, thanks for the LOL. I'm sure you will understand, though, why I had to ultimately choose this fragment, from Yes, I Know What Causes That, which involved an exchange between her and her preschooler son,

Cowboy: "Hey Mom"
Me: "Hey Cowboy"
Cowboy: "Mell my finners" (Smell my fingers)

Me: "No. I'm not smelling your fingers."
Cowboy: "Peas mama...peas mell my finners?"

Me: Thinking I'm in for poop but still taking the bait b/c I don't see anything...I smell them and don't smell anything.... "I don't smell anything. What's on your fingers?"
Cowboy: With a mischievous grin: "My winny-dink..." (My winky-dink...aka....his man parts) "My winny-dink on my finners." "Ooo mell my winny-dink" (You smelled my winky-dink)

You really can't argue that that is hilarious.

Aw, heck! Why don't you both take it! And Mama Still Wears Gucci may help herself, too. Thanks, Ladies :)

***Got this text from Kyle on Wednesday, during the school day: "We just spent my entire psych class debating genetic alteration and free will. Best class ever." How cool is that?! (Yes, I emailed the teacher and told him.)

***I changed the layout on my cooking blog; I think it rocks! See if you don't agree here. The design is another one from Lena, of Simply Fabulous Blogger Designs, and it cost me a whopping $5. She has many wonderful template offerings that are free, too. PLUS, Lena has wonderful tutorials, too. She's trying to raise some money for an adoption fund, so please pay her a visit of support if you can. (Now all I have to do is write a cooking post to update the darned blog!)

***In case you missed my new "favorite pic of all time," here it is, Kyle and Kendall at Homecoming last weekend.

***Asked our 6th grade language arts students to write a "Dear Bully" letter this week, offering advice to the bully about how he/she might better handle his/her anger. Cute, sweet, ultra-feminine and beautiful Jenna (who is autistic) wrote,

[insert syrupy-sweet, high-pitched, very-clearly-enunciated-yet-slightly-robotic voice here]

"Dear Bully, Pick on someone your own size.

Or I will feed you

a knuckle sandwich." [Add charming giggle here.] This child is a treasure.

As much as I love my job, I am thrilled that it's Friday. I look forward to reading your fragments! Link up here...

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