Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Fragments/Friday's Freewrite

Welcome to Friday Fragments, where incomplete thoughts and tangents are welcome and encouraged. Sweep your bits and pieces collected from the week into a single post and feel satisfied. Friday's Freewrite, too, is a great place to link up your fragmented thoughts.
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***Last week, Gladys at Gladys Tells All overheard this fragment between two surfers at the beach:

Surfer 1: Yeah Dude, last week when we were gone up to Big Sur we gave our neighbor a key to our house so she could feed the cat. Man she cleaned our house. It was like spotless. The whole friggin house was spotless. Surfer 2: Dude how dirty was your house that your neighbor couldn’t stand it and cleaned it?

Kinda made me wish we still had a cat, because my house is a mess. Thanks for the chuckle, Gladys! Please accept this humble award for Favorite Friday Fragmenter!

***I'm wearing earplugs right now, because I came home to a kitchen full of teenagers excitedly mixing up 30 boxes of chocolate pudding (with three gallons of milk!) for the high school's "Spirit Day" tomorrow. (I hope no one will be wrestling in it!)

***We have H1N1 cases in our middle and high schools now. Yea. Since last night, I've been fighting off nausea and now have sore muscles in my neck. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'm just paranoid.

***I feel terrible; this is the first week in two years of blogging in which I have become a complete slacker in terms of reading/commenting on your blogs. I'm sorry!!! This school year is really wonderful in so many ways, but because I am team teaching five periods and rarely in my own classroom, I've fallen way behind on everything. I don't even get my email read every day, and I feel so overwhelmed with tasks that are falling to the wayside. There just isn't enough time in the day to relax and read blogs, let alone clean the house or make out with my husband. I hope to catch up with you soon. Thanks for not abandoning me!

***On that note, I may take the weekend off from posting so that I can get well, clean the house, and maybe correct the many, many assignments I have not yet graded in the past two weeks. Oh, that and volunteer at a fundraiser tomorrow night and help get the kids ready for the Homecoming Dance Saturday night. (Calgon, take me away!!)

***Speaking of Homecoming, our high school brought back the traditional homecoming parade this year (first time in eight years). It was terrific. I especially loved seeing/hearing the Tinytown High School marching band once again; they are a stellar group, and it's always a treat. We have so far avoided toilet paper lawn decor, thank heaven. (Ahh, the good aspects of living 20 minutes away from town.)

***The practice of voting special education students onto Homecoming Court as a joke ticks me off. The adults in charge who continue to condone this year after year should be ashamed of themselves.

That's it for me. How about you? Here's McKlinky for your linking pleasure. Have a great weekend!!

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