Monday, October 5, 2009

How I Spent My Weekend Vacation

I don't like taking the weekend off from blogging; my blog is my place to express myself, so I felt a little stifled with all of my pent up happiness this weekend. Here's a snapshot.

***Our 2-and-3 Tinytown high school football team beat the 5-and-0 Conference Champion Othertown team on Friday night in an incredibly exciting Homecoming game, 34-35!! What a thrill for Tinytown fans!

Our Wisconsin Badgers beat the Minnesota Golden Gophers Saturday in a nail-biter, as well!!

Tonight, the Green Bay Packers play the Minnesota Vikings in Monday Night Football, and I can hardly contain my excitement! It could be a triple play!! Go Pack!!

***I volunteered at a benefit on Friday night, and in more ways than one, it was a "rich" experience. If you feel like you don't have anything to offer your favorite charity, think again; your time is just as valuable as money you could give (if not more, in some cases.) I may be short on cash, but I am long on fulfillment. Life is good. (more on that later)

***Mr.4444 and I helped the kids prepare for the Homecoming dance. My heart is full from knowing that they appreciated it so much (both repeatedly thanked us). I couldn't help but feel for kids who don't have the means to go or parents to help them prepare (ironing, showing Kyle how to tie a tie, giving them money for "just in case," etc.) [Watch for pics later in the week.]

***Mr.4444 and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner of steak, baked acorn squash, sauteed mushrooms, and baked potatoes after the kids left for the dance. It was nice to have some "us" time.

***I went to help clean up after the dance so that the job would be finished sooner and I could get Kendall to her destination (a sleepover) before 1am. We were done in record time and were able to leave at 12:30am. Again, my help was appreciated, but the hit of my night was when a teenage girl replied to a question I asked her with, "I don't know, but I love your shirt!"

Thanks for the gift, Traci!!

***Stayed up til 1:45am waiting for Kyle to get home. What it helps to know is that he drove everyone else home, and the dates were not from our school district, so it took quite a while. (His normal curfew is 12:00 on weekends.) While I waited, I fought with my computer to email an invitation (video) to our annual Halloween party (on the 24th) and finally (2:45am) decided to post it on a blog, instead. So...if you're going to be in our neck of the woods in a few weeks and love to celebrate Halloween, email me for a link to your invitation! :)

Here's hoping your weekend was everything you hoped it would be. Happy Monday!

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