Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rants and Raves

Welcome to Wednesday's Rants and Raves, a great little meme hosted by Little Ms Blogger.

Rant-I can't stand it when grocery store baggers tie knots in my plastic bag handles. Yes, I realize I should be using the cloth bags. I have a trunk full of them. Ask me if I ever remember them before I am checking out.

Rant-About the fact that my diamond fell out of my wedding ring. I'm bummed.

Rave-Thanks, Merrill-Lynch, for hosting an amazing gala fundraiser last Friday for the N.E.W. Children's Museum of Green Bay! It was beautifully run, and I appreciate your efforts.

Rant-To the icky candy corn brands that trick me every year into thinking that you will be just as delicious as Brach's brand candy corn. Fakers!

Rave-I love, love, love the grocery stores that offer anti-bacterial wipes for shoppers. You rock! Now, I'd just like to put a request out there for some smaller wipes for cleaning my cellphone. I wipe it down daily but hate that I'm wasting a big wipe on a small object. Thanks.

Rant-To my Honda Civic, WTH is the matter with you?! Why do you keep locking my keys in the car? At first, I thought it was my fault, and now I know it's YOU! STOP LOCKING MY KEYS IN THE CAR, YOU PSYCHO!

Rave-Thank you to all of you generous people who continue to help support charities, even during these uncertain economic times. You are wonderful.

Rant-To the litterbug a$$wipe who continually threw trash out your car window as you drove in front of me on the highway. Are you kidding me?! It's 2009, for crying out loud! Throwing your paper garbage and soda cans out the window? You're lucky this is a Rated PG-13 blog, because I would love to call you some worse names. I wish like heck that I knew your address, because I would love to dump a bag of trash on your front yard.

Okay, I feel better now. Thanks.

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