Thursday, October 22, 2009

We Should Really Open an Improv

Mr.4444 had a birthday on Sunday.  The whole family (his brother, SIL, nephew, his mom, some friends, us) gathered around to watch him open his second gift from his mom (she had already given him present earlier in the week but had an extra gift so he would have something from her to open on his "big day.)  We looked forward to it, because there is a tradition in which Mr.4444 always tries to guess the gift, based on hints he's dropped and by feeling the package.  Sometimes he is right, and we all groan, and his mom feigns annoyance. Just as often, though, he is wron (and we get a good laugh out of it.)

Near the end of the football game, Grandma4444 snuck up behind Mr.4444 with a big box.  Cocky, without looking behind him, he said, "Are you going to give me my coffee maker now, Mom?"  We all laughed, and I told him it wasn't going to be that easy.  She handed him a big, heavy box, which he proceeded to turn and shake, a look of deep concentration on his face.  His second guess was a jacket (wrong again.)  Finally, he opened it, finding a Packers pillsner glass, but that wasn't all....

Also inside the box and newspaper was second package. Eyebrows furrowed, Mr.4444 weighed it in his hand and finally said, "I have no idea."  From the wrapping emerged a small, birch fireplace log.  Ha! She had fooled him! She had bought firewood for him/us (kind of as a gag gift), and she announced that it would be delivered in the morning. He looked kind of happy but hadn't said much yet; I think he was really surprised.

"Are you happy?" Grandma4444 asked. "Do you like it?"

Finally, he smiled, and said, "Actually, I can't think of a better gift for me than some wood!"

I seized the moment... "That's what she said!"

See, our whole family is full of comedians.

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