Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fragments, Episode #71

OK. I admit it. I am addicted.

My name is Cyndy, and I'm a Fragaholic. (Hi, Cyndy!)

It's been one week since my last Frag, and I can't hold out any longer.

Thanks, Dysfunctional Mom! You really were true to your word when you named your blog Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional :) Your intro last week was entertaining, so I'm stealing it. K? Thanks.

In the words of DMom, It's Fragging Time! [Confused? Click on the button above for more info on FF.]

***My sister, Geri (who does not have a blog) shared this funny story in a comment last week on my Detention: A Cure for Gas?! post:

This reminds me... We overheard a mom at a buffet restaurant tell a woman sitting across from her this little gem when her little boy was off getting food, "When we were training him he hollered 'Hey mommy. I am playing with my penis cuz I am pooping and it has nothing to do."

That comment was my absolute favorite of the week, Sis! Thanks!

***My sister Michelle doesn't have a blog anymore, but she does have some awesome fragments. Here's one that she posted on her Facebook page this week (Logan is her 10-year-old, and Caden is 8.):

When I was little, I copied everything my sister [Judy] did, and she hated it. She wasn't as smart as Logan. He has "copyrighted" all his Lego creations. Caden can't copy them unless he "buys the copyright." And good little Caden abides by the law. I helped Caden out a little by telling him that, technically, a copyright has to be purchased. Then I got to hear them argue about how Caden didn't have to obey, because, "It's illegal, Logan!" heehee

I think I'll give my Favorite Friday Fragmenter award this week to Geri and Michelle. Keep up the fraggin'!

***Don't you hate it when you find an event in your calendar about which you have no clue? I had one of those this week. Thankfully, I figured it out at the last minute, but that was a close one!

***Not sure if I'm alone in this or not, but I find the new Blogger post editor to be nothing special and in fact annoying. I tried it for about three weeks and decided to return to the original. When they add video uploading and spellcheck back in, then I'll think about trying the new one again. Until then, forget it.

***Loved this post from NieNie this week.

***For the record, I am loving my body shaper from Amon. It's super comfortable and makes me feel slim, yet not like I'm being strangled. The only trouble I've had is that I have to adjust my butt cheeks back under a couple of times per day, but it's worth it. (If you have a big butt, forget about it! (Fortunately, that's not my problem.) I especially like that my clothes move over the fabric, but it's not so slippery that I have to fight with my pants to keep them up! Very nice. Tracie, I hope you like yours, too! :)

***I was helping Mr.4444 dust off the shoulders of his rarely-worn suit coat as he was heading off to Kyle's friend's Nate's Confirmation (Mr.4444 is his sponsor.) He observed, "It's nice to put a suit on for something other than a funeral for a change." Can't argue with that!

***Until a few months ago, we'd had cats for the past 18 years. If I could, I'd sing from the rooftops--"No more hairballs on the carpet! No more smelly litter box and scattered litter to clean up! And no more cat-tongue prints in the butter on the counter in the morning!" In case you didn't catch that, I don't miss having cats.

***I found this photo disturbing even before reading Hallie's fragment last week, "If my kid looked across the table at me like this, I'd sht myself where I stood. Sht myself as I ran screaming from the room. Who knew Damien liked to color?" Thanks, Hallie, for making me LOL!

Looking for a Fragaholics Anonymous group? You won't find one here, but you will find a fan club! Link up here and join in! [Sorry, but this McKlinky is for Friday Fragments posts, only. Others will be deleted.]

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