Wednesday, November 11, 2009

He's Sorry Now, Alright!

Finally, some closure for my friend Molly, who lost her son Ryan on October 27, 2008...

Green Bay Press Gazette Headline:  G---- sentenced to 15 years in prison

Published : Monday, 09 Nov 2009, 4:24 PM CST

Reporter: Robert Hornacek  [with my commentary]

GREEN BAY - When 19-year-old CG made his way into the courtroom where he would learn his sentence, He smiled to his friends and family. Those smiles quickly turned to tears as he addressed the court.  [You laughed in the face of Molly's grief for weeks, both figuratively and literally. I do not feel sorry for you in the least. You're a scumbag.)]

"I'd like to say sorry to the Rockstroh family for the death of Ryan. I can't imagine the pain they're going through emotionally and mentally over the last year," G said. [That's right; you can't imagine, because you have no heart.  You're a scumbag.] "I'd like to apologize to my family for the things I've put them through for the last 11 months." [I feel some pain for his family as well, but I do wonder what kind of parenting results in a young man as heartless as CG.]

In September, a jury found G guilty of first degree reckless homicide for supplying heroin to 17-year-old Ryan Rockstroh. Rockstroh died of a heroin overdose in October of 2008. [Just to be clear, I know Ryan is responsible for his poor choices.  That said, C's actions contributed to Ryan's death.]

At the start of the sentencing hearing, Rockstroh's mother talked about her son,

"He was loved and adored by so many and all of us are suffering terribly," Molly Rockstroh said. She told the court she wanted to forgive G for supplying the heroin that her son died from, but says she could not after she heard witnesses testify G continued dealing after Ryan's death. [It seems both C and Molly could use our prayers on this account.]

"The fact that you continued to sell this lethal drug to teenage addicts after one of them had already died is despicable and appalling," Molly Rockstroh said to G in court. "The fact that my son's death meant nothing to you, that you repeatedly refused to acknowledge your role in this terrible tragedy is unforgivable." [Sure, you say you're sorry now, but you are not sorry for the loss of Ryan; you're sorry that you're being held accountable for your actions. The time to be apologetic was the day Ryan died, but instead, you picked up the phone just hours from his death to call his parents and ask innocently, "How did he die?" Always CYA.  There's no covering it now, and I'm glad of that.]

The defense asked Brown County Circuit Judge Hon. William Atkinson to give G a three to five year prison sentence. [Because they are asinine.]  Instead, Atkinson went along with the recommendation of the district attorney's office and sentenced Gogos to 15 years in prison and 10 years of extended supervision.[God bless this man.]

"When a person sells drugs and then learns of a death because of that sale, and then sells again, that's evil," Atkinson said. "You're an evil person. You are without a conscience." [Judge Atkinson, you are my hero today.]

Besides being a punishment to G, Atkinson said he wants this sentence to send a message to other people who are selling heroin that if they're caught and convicted they will be spending a significant amount of time in prison. [It's a drug skyrocketing in popularity because of its affordability compared to Oxycotin and other drugs. Harsh penalties are just one way to send a message that our community won't tolerate drug dealers.]

Rockstroh's family left the courthouse without comment. G's lawyer and family declined comment. G will be back in court later this week on additional drug charges. [See, because you just couldn't quit.  How sorry were you the last time you did time for selling heroin, C?  Obviously, not sorry enough.]

On the bright side, maybe the verdict will provide Molly some closure.

To read the original story, click here.

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