Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Perks of Having a Big Belly-Amon Giveaway!

I recently heard from Vanessa (of Amon Maternity) who was wondering if I might be willing to review one of their maternity bands.  While I think I could pull off being pregnant (about 4 months), I decided to admit that I am not pregnant.  I did offer to share two belly bands with pregnant friends from work and see what they think about them, and Vanessa was game! She sent me two (one flesh-toned, and one black) for my friends/co-workers, Nikki and Sarah.  Here's Sarah. Can you believe she is nine months pregnant?  (I know; I'd slap her, but she's way too sweet and nice.)

Sarah loves her Amon band; she let me know so before I even had a chance to ask her. Here's what she wrote in an email to me:

"It's very comfortable. It stretches with me as I move and as the baby moves, so it feels very soft and comfortable.  it’s also supportive.  I notice that my back feels less stressed and it hold up my big belly in front very nicely.  I’ve worn it about 8-9 hours during the day and sometimes I forget I have it on.  Lastly, it smoothes out my belly and makes it look nice and “beach ball” like :) "

Nine months pregnant, Sarah stood up in a wedding last weekend and felt really good about not having her belly button sticking the front of her bridesmaid dress out. (Hey, it's the little things!)

My friend, Nikki, chose the black belly band, and I can honestly say that she is thrilled. She's a big fan of long skirts (she always looks terrific) and told me that because of the Amon band, she can wear her favorite skirts again!  I'm not sure if that's one of the advertised features, but it's Nikki's favorite; she simply puts her skirt on (partially unzipped) and wears the band over it, which keeps the skirt up nicely, and both are easily hidden by her top.  Nikki likes that the belly band is not only very comfortable but saves her the money of having to buy new maternity skirts for work. (The band itself is very affordable, at $23-$25.)  I wish I could show you the cute pics that I took of Nikki wearing the band (and I wish I could blame my spacing out and losing them on Nikki's pregnancy, but it doesn't work that way.)

Of course, I'm not stupid; I know to take advantage of a free offer, so I said yes to trying out Amon's Forgive Body Shaper.  Today was my first day wearing it, and I want to do some experimenting before I write about my experience, so I leave with with Nikki and Sarah's testimonials. 

When I was pregnant, bubbled-out belly buttons were just part of the territory; we had to let it all hang out (or use duct tape, I suppose.) Back pain, too, was part of the package.  I almost wish I could be pregnant again, so I could  try out the Amon Belly Band. Maybe I could fake it?

Who am I kidding? I could totally pull it off.  (More on the "Forgive" Body Shaper later...)

Vanessa has kindly offered a $50 merchandise credit to the lucky winner of my giveaway! You could use it to buy one of Amon's maternity bands and/or a body-shaper.  Here's how to enter:

One Entry:  Leave a comment on this post
Extra entries:  Follow Amon on Twitter and/or Friend them on Facebook. Tweet this post for another entry. (Let me know in the comments if you take advantage of the extra entries.)

You are also welcome to use this coupon code for a 10% discount on all purchase:  KISS10

The Winner will be announced on Friday, November 14th, so enter until midnight the night before, and spread the word!

[P.S.  For what it's worth, I want you to know that I was also offered incentive/payment for any future sales of the AMON product as a result of my post. However, I declined this offer; I felt it would interfere with the credibility of my review.]

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  1. I love my Amon bodyshaper! It was perfect when I needed tummy support while trying to lose the baby weight. And to be honest, I still use it now (a year later) when I want that extra support. Unfortunately Amon Maternity is no longer selling their stuff on their website. They recommend purchasing from And they offer free priority shipping.


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