Monday, November 2, 2009

Serves Him Right

Several years ago, Mr.4444 attended a company Christmas party in Canada.  (I was unable to join him, as Wisconsin is a long way from Canada, and I could not take the time off from work.)  When I spoke to him on the phone next morning, he told me that he had had a terrible accident, slipping on some ice and tearing his hamstring!  The poor guy could barely walk (and had a very long, uncomfortable flight home.)

When he limped into the house, my heart went out to the poor guy--he was really hurting!  In the next couple of days, Mr.4444's leg turned the most horrific colors, and he spent a lot of time in bed, which was a good place for him, because we soon got an incredible ice storm of our own; everything outside was covered in at least 1/4 inch of ice.

Lying in bed, Mr.4444 was worriedly listening to the storm outside when he heard and felt a huge CRASH on the house! Imagine the pain he felt in the moment the unseen object made impact with the roof above him, jerking Mr.44444 into spasms of agony!  (He nearly blacked out from the pain.)  After he wiped the sweat from his face and crawled out of bed, he put on his slippers (yes, that's a hint of the hell to come) and hobbled outside, carefully, ever so carefully maneuvering the glazed sidewalk to investigate.

A giant pine leaned against the house; a large, gaping hole in the roof opened it's mouth to the driving rain.

Of course, slippers did not get their name just because they are easy to put on; in spite of his cautious movements, Mr.4444 suddenly found himself flat on his back on the sidewalk, staring up into the rain, wind whipping the trees overhead, and feeling more vulnerable than he had ever felt in his life.  (He cried.) Summoning every bit of strength that he had, he crawled back to the porch.

Only hours later, a contractor had patched up the roof, and Mr.4444 called me at work to let me know that things were fixed as well as they could be for the time being (at least for the roof.)

A week later, his conscience got to him.  What conscience, you might ask? The poor man had suffered a serious injury to his leg, which had been exacerbated by the trauma of the home invasion of the pine variety.What could he have to feel guilty about?!

It seems Mr.4444 did have a badly-injured hamstring, but it was not an icy fall that had caused it.  Sheepishly, he admitted that he had suffered the injury not on a sidewalk, but on a dance floor.  Yes, my show-off husband had been "busting a move" when he instead busted his hamstring...

doing the splits!

Go ahead--LYAO. I did.

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