Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday/Saturday Fragments, Episode #76

Because my heart is so full of Christmas joy, I'm happy to have Friday Fragments, where we unload the excess. Here are my random thoughts from the week:

***I hope Santa was good to you or that your Hanukkah was wonderful.

**When did teenage girls begin aspiring to dress like hobos? One of Kendall's favorite gifts this year was her "hobo mittens (finger-less gloves with removable mitten covers.) (They're adorable.)

***I had to laugh--Heaven forbid I should blindly sit in any old chair to open gifts at Grandma's 4444's house! This morning, Kyle politely yet firmly let me know that I was sitting in his "gift-opening chair." Ahh....traditions....

***To be honest, I haven't gotten through half of last week's Friday Fragmenter's posts, but so far, here's my Favorite:

My daughter got married this week.... she's three! She describes her husband differently every time. Originally he was black and wore black clothes, and they had met in New Orleans. Then he was pink with pink eyes but they still met in New Orleans. Now he's shifted into Prince Eric (from The Little Mermaid) She cracks me up! :D The Infamous Jillean

Jill, please accept this award as a token of my appreciation for your cute little bride. Congrats to both of you :)

***Just because I love you all, I went back to the candy store and tried one of the "snowballs." One snowball cost me 88 cents. And yes, it was good, but not $15.25 per-pound-good.

***My library card has been getting a lot of use lately. No, I don't check out books with it; it's sitting on my nightstand. Since I don't have any fingernails, I use my library card sometimes to scratch my itchy legs before I go to bed at night. (Sorry if that's disturbing to you; Kendall says it's "sick." It is what it is...)

***Shame on Arrow Trucking Corporation, which abruptly shut down its operations on Tuesday and left its drivers stunned in cities all over the country, and kudos to Schneider National (and others) for reaching out to the shafted drivers (no pun intended) to help them get home without having to get on buses. (Read the story here.)

***Here's another random reason why I LOVE teaching 6th graders (new for me). On the last day before break, with two boys working on some homework in my classroom, I spontaneously started singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer--not super loud or anything, just happily, as I was writing something on the board. Suddenly, I heard the sweet little voices of my students enthusiastically joining in. Seriously; my heart melted, and I feel a little lump in my throat writing this.

***Got Fragments? Drop your FF post link here and visit some of the other fragmenters; you'll be glad you did :)


  1. Wow, apparently my husband is a teenaged girl ;) He has mittens like that and has for a couple years, and they're his absolute favorite! Maybe it comes from teaching middle schoolers? ;)

    And Arrow? Wow... I hadn't heard about that one, but ick -- especially with the timing.

  2. That's very funny about the library card...

    Merry Christmas, Mrs 4444. Hope it was a good one!

  3. Love that the kids joined in with your singing, that's just gorgeous :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. can't beat Rudolph....but girl. I got one word for ya.


  5. I think all teen girls must go through that kin do fstage- I remmeber it from my teenhood, too. But for us, it was torn jeans and flannel shirts and combat boots!

    Merry Christmas to you, Mrs4444! Hey- you are only 4 followers away from 300! Maybe you can start the New Year at that nice round number?

  6. Liz, I hadn't thought of that! Girls (and boys) have been emulating hobos for years; their jeans are clear proof of that! 300 followers, huh? Hmmm....

    MM, yeah, yeah, I know. I do use lotion in the morning about half the time, but not always. Always in a rush, I guess.

  7. Oh, I totally know what you mean about the library card. When you find the perfect scratching tool, it must be used repeatedly!

    I never got through last weeks fragments either. It's one of my highlights of the week, too.

    Happy New Year!
    Kristin - The Goat

  8. I love those gloves; they are actually very handy. :)

  9. You just never know what the latest fad will be these days. And never underestimate the spirit of Christmas, even with kids.

    I linked to you in my Christmas poem on one of my recent posts.

    Merry Christmas.

  10. I discovered after taking liquid minerals that my winter itcy leg problem disapeared! Try it...:0

  11. I love your favorite fragment! I also love that the kids sang with you. So sweet!

  12. That was a really sweet moment, the Rudolph singing. Especially in grade 6-ers!
    Too funny about the library card :)~

  13. Hello Mrs. 4444! I came over from Eternal Lizdom and now I see where Friday Fragments originated.

    I am also a teacher, I enjoyed teaching sixth graders a lot. Now I'm in second grade, which I also enjoy.

    I will be back!

  14. the impromptu sing a long is unbelievable sweet.

  15. Ketchup on the table for prime rib? Isn't that blasphemous?

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Love that your 6th graders joined in song! That is heart melting. Love to be in the school setting at Christmas time. There seems to be some magic in the air...or is it just wanting to be on break? Either way, it's great!

  16. Oh NO, I missed Friday Fragments last week. I didn't even think to look.
    I need to go back and read your Christmas post, but I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

    Best wishes for 2010!

  17. The Hobo glove thing. As adorable as they are, why bother??? Don't we wear glove to keep our fingers from turnin' blue and falling off?

    I love that your class broke forth in song! :o)

    Have a super day!!!


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