Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Notes on the Season

Lots of holiday-related fragments on my mind tonight...

***I have become consciously aware that this is our last Christmas with Kyle living under our roof (gulp.)

***I wasn't going to send Christmas cards this year, but then I realized that we have a beautiful photo of the kids together (from Kyle's senior picture sitting), and it would be a shame to waste the opportunity to send one last pic of the kids together (sniff.)

***I am confident that I will never be the type of person who signs the Christmas card for all family members and the pets. Maybe if I had no kids, but I'm positive I will never be signing, "Mr. & Mrs. 4444 and Cooper."

***Our cards read, "Hope your holidays are filled with....." Just so you know, that is in no way intended to be politically correct; I just liked the look of the card. If you want one and are not usually on my list, send your name and address to me, and I'll happily send you one.

***This year, for the first time in my life, I know a Jewish person. I sent my first Happy Hanukkah message, via email. (Hey, it's the thought that counts. Besides, I'm pretty sure there are no Happy Hanukkah cards sold in Green Bay. Just kidding, I think.) Happy Hanukkah, Melisa!!! :) (Note: I had to spell-check Hanukkah and from here on out promise to spell it correctly :)

***I have eaten almost all of the vanilla taffy that I bought last weekend for the kids' stockings. Guess another trip to Beernsten's Candy is in my future. (Darn.)

***It really irritates me when I see signs (or hear commercials) that tell people to "Get your stocking stuffers here!" WTH, People? Hello?! Have you noticed there are little believers in Santa all over the place? Grrrr.

***At choir practice tonight, during Breath of Heaven, I was moved to tears. (Here's Kazzy's version.) I've always been sensitive to the sound of voices raised in song via choirs. Usually, I'm in the audience. What a wonderful gift it is to be part of something so beautiful.

***We had a raffle at school last week, and the first two prizes chosen were musical ornaments that matched this one, which I wrote about two Christmases ago. The boys who chose them were positively beaming, clearly thinking ahead to Christmas morning and the smiling faces of the recipients. What a great feeling, to help fill kids with Christmas Spirit.

***I found the ornaments mentioned above while purging my Christmas decorations. I highly recommend doing this; many of us have far more holiday decorations than we need, and there are those who would happily receive them.

***Do you know someone who's alone or feeling sad this season? Why not consider inviting him or her to help decorate cookies, attend a choir concert, or join you for church services? At the very least, a note or card would be a thoughtful gesture. Just a thought...

Hope this finds you feeling joyful and not too stressed out...

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