Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sundays in My City, Hodge-Podge Edition

Sundays in My City is brought to you by the most popular anonymous person I know, Unknown Mami.

Quite a bit of randomness for you this week...

Know what this is? (Scroll to the last pic for the answer.)

See this eyesore of a sign? It's one of several that have been hung up in our used-to-be favorite restaurant in Green Bay. Yes, that's a wine rack next to the sign; quite the ambiance, no?

There were 5-6 such signs (about 3 feet by 5 feet) like that hanging within view of our table. Just plain obnoxious. Because of that (and the menu changes), we were very disappointed and won't be back.

Courtesy of Beernsten's Old-Fashioned Candy Store, here are my favorite kind of snowballs...

And yes, that's $15.25 per pound. (I lied when I said they're my favorite. I've never been able to afford one, haha.) Fortunately, there are many other, more-affordable offerings at this delightful store.

This "bulletin board" in our middle school's library is so cute, I had to include it today. My co-worker, Peggy, is very creative. I love it...

Okay, here's the answer to the question I asked earlier...

It's a snow fence, designed to keep blowing snow away from one's driveway. This is after our first snow this year. (Yes, I said first snow.)

That's it for Sundays in My City. To find out what's going on in the rest of the world, visit Unknown's Mami's blog, and tell her I said hi! :)


  1. I seriously doubt if that snow fence makes much difference. Love the bulletin board!

  2. The fireplace is very cleaver, I've done that before in the classroom but this chick is more impressed by that leather purple couch. Hummmm, I never saw a purple couch,
    I never hope to see one,
    But this I'll say...anyway,
    I rather see than.....
    Oh yeah, that was a purple cow wasn't it? Heeeheehe!

    Have a beautiful Sunday, girl!!!

  3. You should have had a contest on the snow fence, 'cause I would have won it! They use them in DC for crowd control during major events, such as 4th of July at the Capitol and, of course, the presidential inauguration. Well, they use them for snow, too, like the almost 2 feet we got yesterday. PS: I've featured Mr. 4444 in my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes today...never seen such a vicious turkey murder!

  4. That's interesting, Melissa. I'll stop by today for sure :)

    Nezzy, it's much uglier in person, haha

    I agree, Karen. (They eyesores, too.)

  5. Does that fence work? It looks like it didn't but I can't tell for sure! : )

    I LOVE the bulletin board. Aren't creative people just the best. They make like so much more colorful : )

    We got our first big snow storm this weekend. I hope we don't get too many more. I used to like it. Now I think I am getting old because all I think is "How am I going to get to work safely?"

    Always love visiting you on Sundays : )

  6. I'm so loving the bulletin board! I feel so pathethic for posting my snow photos..we dont have anything close to Have a wonderful week!

  7. I used to see snow fences way back years ago. I don't think anyone around here uses them anymore. With the winds that we usually get with snow, they don't do much for protecting the driveways.

    Your library fireplace looks lifelike. She did a nice job with it.

    If I were you, I would have printed the name of the restaurant.

    Thanks for the sites.

  8. I think you should share the 'orange" snow fence with Yaya:) Love the fireplace too!

  9. Matty, I would, but I can never remember how to spell Grazzie's!

    Lisa, that's a great idea!!

  10. A bit of mouth-watering displays you have going on in this post, my dear! Or maybe it's just me, dreaming of all the lovely foods I have to try to limit or stay clear of to lose some weight over the next 3 months. But that snow fence -boy, that was a surprise to see. The highway dept. used to put them up along various roads here all the time -as you said, to keep the blowing snow from drifting across driveways but mainly across the roadways. However, these days they don't use them here and I wonder why because there are many locations on the roads here where it is known by locals anyway, that they regularly drift over and create really nasty icy spots, cause many, many accidents too and those snow fences could help so much to alleviate that problem. It always boggles my mind to see, year after year now, the absence of those fences and I ask "Why?" If it is because some feel they are unattractive, I think I'd darn sight rather see them than wrecked vehicles and lives.

  11. I adore homemade chocolates and anything that sells fudge. Yum.

  12. The same kind of orange netting is used here for dune restoration as a wind break. I'll take that over snow.

  13. Snowballs $15.25/pound!!! LOVE that. Especially considering all the snow the East coast got hit with. Not the same things, I know, but it still cracked me up.

    Thanks for sharing your city!
    Merry Christmas,

  14. The fireplace bulletin board is just brilliant. How great for the kids.

    I'm sorry about your restaurant turning into Margaritaville.

    I wish you would buy one of those snowballs and tell me what they taste like.

    You asked if Disqus accepted html. I don't know. I'll let you know when I find out.

  15. Oooo I knew the snow fence answer, too... it's been awhile since I've seen one though used for that purpose residentially!

    That fireplace is WAY cool though. I had to look at the picture a few times to see what she'd made. It looked too real (of coures I'm also watching the Vikes right now -- sorry about the Packers loss today).

  16. I think I would be way too tempted to spend money on those snowballs. They look yummy!

  17. I hate when a restaurant we like changes their menu.

  18. I hate when a restaurant we like changes their menu.

  19. I remember living in Minn as a kid and Daddy getting up on the roof while it was still snowing and shoveling it off.

    We ended up down in Florida. HA!

  20. Did the snow fence work? Ummm, it doesn't look very effective to me.

    WHAT are those snow balls made of???


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