Saturday, December 19, 2009

What Did You Say??

Sorry, all of my Haloscan comments are gone :(

I've gone back to Blogger comments, because Haloscan switched over to a new program, and I had problems I don't care to work through at this time. I do have the comments backed up in a file (a lot of good that does me, right?) so if I choose to switch to Disqus, I'll be able to import them. I just wish there were more options...

On the bright side, I have my old comments back (from my first year of blogging.)

And now, I'm a born-again comment virgin. (I feel so innocent!!!)


  1. You're only pretending to be innocent! ;-) That stinks about your comments...I wish there were more options too. You know...sometimes change is good....and sometimes it just messes everything up!!

  2. Can ya hear me now???? Sorry that Haloscan gobbled up your comments. Your too funny, girl....born~again comment virgin! Ya crack me up!

    Have a super day in the Lord!

  3. Thank gosh, because now I can comment. It got so hard for me to comment on your blog. No matter what browser I used, Haloscan acted up.

  4. What a pain in the neck! I've been toying with Disqus for the past few months but nothing ever really pushed me over the edge to go for it!

  5. That's just so sad about all of your comments going away. Good that you have them backed up, but still.


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