Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #80, A Cure for the Common Cold?

I wish I had a quarter for every time I've blown my nose this week.  I went to the doctor for my very bad cold, and she advised that I continue to use the netipot to cleanse my sinuses. She also suggested that I cleanse my mind, getting rid of all of the random, loose thoughts and ponderings of my week, via Friday Fragments. Of course, I'm kidding, but it could happen; who doesn't see the healing properties of Friday Fragments?! Friday Fragments, as Mom would say, "are the cure for what ails ya!" And now for your treatment...

***Speaking of "loose" (get your mind out of the gutter!), have you noticed that loose rhymes with goose? That should help you spell it and "lose" correctly for the rest of your life. (You're welcome.)

***Heidi Montag-Wow. I feel so sorry for her; 23 years old and already had more than ten plastic surgeries on her already-perfect appearance? I shudder to think what she will look like 20 years from now, poor thing.

***You know how a lot of old ladies have sort of v-shaped, skinny butts, like heavy in the middle on the bottom and wider at the top? I so do not ever want to look back and see one of those. I told Mr.4444 to put me down before that happens. (I hope I can avoid it somehow.)

***My Favorite Friday Fragment so far (yes, I'm still behind in my fragment reading) comes from a new Fragmenter, Ria, at Cabral Family Blog.  She took this sweet pic of her baby girl sleeping on her diningroom table!

She also wrote about a humorous exchange between herself and an elderly woman who assumed that her daughter was a boy, so check that out, too.  Ria, this coveted award goes to you this week! Wear it proudly :)

***My friend Jenn is having an Eden's Fantasy Valentine Giveaway. The odds of winning right now are excellent, so check it out!

***Did you hear that Brett Favre has announced his retirement? That's right; apparently, he and Adrien Peterson are going into business together. They're going to open a bakery that specializes in turnovers. Ba-dump-bump!

***I mentioned this a long time ago, but it's very much worth repeating. Never, ever give your phone number out loud in public. I once gave mine to the customer service desk at my cellphone provider and hours later got a creepy hello text from some weirdo who had apparently recorded my number as I said it. Cellcom continues to ask out loud for your phone number when you go to them for service, etc.  I just write it on a piece of paper and slide it across the counter. Since the same year that happened to me a young woman was murdered by a psycho nutjob who lived just 30 minutes from that store, I am not just being paranoid. There are weirdos all over the place.

***In the "More Reasons to Sniff" category, Thursday was "Parents Night, "Senior Recognition," and Kyle's last home swim meet as a senior in high school. They didn't win the meet, but Kyle got two Personal Best times and, as anchor in the last race of the night (a relay), overcame the leader and won by a fraction of a second. What an exciting way to end the season at home. 

I feel better already (not really, but at least these fragments gave me a momentary distraction from my cold.) Reading your fragments should also help. Please link your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post here:


  1. My mother has a thick accent so she always sounds like she is saying, "Ay want to loose some wait".

  2. I just don't get the whole plastic surgery thing. It's wax museum scary to me.

  3. You're on a roll this week, with all this humor. Brett and the bakery was a good one. Get it? On a "roll". Well, at least I'm sure Brett would appreciate it.

    I bet I am giving you a run for your money in the tissue department. I've been going through them too like there's no tomorrow.

    As with my phone number, I always write down my SS number if I need to provide it. NEVER say it out loud with people around. NEVER.

    Congratulations to Kyle. I'm sure you're proud of him.

  4. I need to cleanse my mind, get rid of all of the random, annoying, insecure thoughts! ick!

    Hope you feel better soon! My husband gets horrible sinus infections :(

    I hope I don't get one of those butts, lol!

    ps, thanks for your lovely comments!!

  5. I sure hope you're feeling better soon! I like the Afrin PureSea nasal rinses better than the netipot, I think.

    Congrats to Kyle - what a great triumph for him!

  6. I was noticing that v-shape on a few people today when I was at the hospital (for my meeting.)

    I'm afraid that I'm too far out of shape to be worrying about touching up a few spots here and there. I had no idea who Heidi was, so I googled her - sheesh - that was seriously some unneeded surgery.

    I'm so far behind on FF that I think I've got three weeks to catch up with -- and I hate not visiting everyone. It's a great group!

    Kristin - The Goat

  7. UGH! I'm sick too!
    Hope you feel better soon .

  8. Oh I really hope you feel better soon!

  9. Even being mind is not clouded love your fragments. My sister senior, swims and just had the same sniff sniff session with her. They grow up fast! Have a wonderful Friday!

  10. I'd never thought of the cell phone number issue, thanks for the tip!

  11. I'm nothing but fragmented these days

  12. Alright B, I'm starting to worry about you. Please REST this weekend!

  13. I can totally relate to Ria. Everyone thought Sam was a girl at that age.

    Heidi is a nut.

    Way to go, Kyle!! I can only imagine how sad and exciting that is for a mom. :o)

    Happy FF, my fiend!

  14. I turned on VH1 last night and some Dr Drew addiction show was on- Heidi Fleiss is in treatment. She's a hot mess. She looks like she has had multiple plastic surgeries. So sad. I just wish that young people who want those surgeries would look at these other women and make the connection.

    I hope you get better!!! SOON!

  15. Oh man I hope you feel better soon!

    I can relate to Ria - Princess Nagger was mistaken for a boy when she was a baby...even when she was wearing pink! I missed Ria's exchange - I'll have to check it out! ;)

    LOL on the Brett Favre part - and Matty's comment. ;)

    I've always been leery about giving out my phone number out loud, especially if it's at the Toys R Us cash register and there are scads of people around. I'll usually give out a bogus number. ;) Thanks for the heads up - I'll be even more careful now.

    Awwww! Kyle's last swim meet? Sounds like he made his team (and Mama) proud! :)

    Feel better SOON!!

  16. Those are mighty frightening stories. You just changed the way I think about my phone number. Yikes.

    What an outstanding boy you've raised! Well-done!

    I do hope you feel better and feel better quickly. We really do need warmer weather!

  17. Feel better soon. Thanks for the phone number tip.

  18. Thanks, Everybody. I do feel better. TGIF, though...

  19. what a sweet picture

    I feel sorry for heidi as well only a year older than my oldest I believe she looks for something in life that somehow she has not found

  20. I don't know who Heidi Montag is but gag. Really. Whatever happened to simply letting yourself shine naturally? Ugh.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  21. Girl You are AWESOME for linking up my Valentines giveaway.. cant say thank you enough!! REALLY! Off to post my fragments! Have a GREAT weekend!

  22. I'm totally using that Favre joke.
    Thanks for the giveaway link!
    Heidi Montag needs help.
    Friday fragments are healing! I hate it when I miss weeks because I get fragment buildup!

  23. I really need to try a netipot. My sinuses have made me crazy all winter.

    Loved the Brett Favre joke!

  24. Oh too funny! I linked up hours ago and forgot to leave a comment! I'm joining in for the first time and I'm a new follower too! Nice to meet you :-)

  25. Awe, poor Brett, everyone pickin on him, makes me just want to hug him (ok, i really just want to hug him, but figured I needed a good excuse)

    Hope you feel better.

  26. Hope you feel better soon. There's been something going through our house over and over again... :(

  27. Joining in for the first time in a long while!
    Congrats to Kyle!
    Oh yucky on the nose nonsense, hope it clears up for you soon.
    I LOVE that picture.
    Old lady bootys! LOL...I have this fear of looking in the mirror and seeing my mother's rear end where mine used to be.

  28. Wow. I never even thought about giving out my phone number out loud. Thanks for that tip!

    I hope you feel better. I have been sick (aka miserable) and I feel for you!

  29. Oh Heidi, so sad.

    Hope your netipot is doing its magic!

    Good to catch up with you again!

  30. Heidi Montag and her hubby can just disappear back into the crowd as far as I'm concerned. They really annoy me!

    My husband is a Vikings fan. I think he's used to disappointment.

    Senior year is already half over!! I know it will be my turn sooner than I think. I'm sure I'd be a mess. You're doing good so far (*sniff!*)!

  31. Heidi Montag = Gross. She looks like if you put a candle too close to her face, she'll melt. Yeah, she's not addicted. Pft.

    Ugh for the cold! Not fun! I have heard of a netipot, but I'm not 100% on what it does. You have made me want to google it now! lol

    And I about choked on my lemonade reading about BF. How funny and how TRUE!

    Happy Friday!!

  32. Seriously laughing about Favre, only because I am really tired of hearing about him. :) LOL!

  33. Great, now I'm going to be staring at old ladies' butts to figure out what you mean. LOL!

    Scary about the cell phone murder thing. Between that story and Law & Order tonight, I'm sure I'll get great sleep.

    My oldest is about to turn 13. Can't imagine facing the senior year. Maybe you should host a Kleenex drive?

  34. I am having the hardest time working on this little computer, but that's not what I wanted to say. Wait WHAT DID I want to say?

    Oh yeah, get a butt implant I hear that is the next thing Heidi will be going under the knife for. You know it's never to early to fight frog's butt disease. :)

  35. Nice Brett Favre joke.

    Yay Kyle for what sounds like an awesome swim season!!!

    Feel better! Maybe you can get a sponsorship from Netti Pot?

  36. That picture of the baby on the table is so cute!

    I know what you mean about the phone number situation. I do not give mine out to stores and things because one time I did that and got home that night to a call form the salesperson. He thought I was cute. Yeah, I wasn't too happy about that one!

  37. Yeh, I hate that Lose Loose thing too! So many pet peeves... I can understand my foreign students having a problem, but Americans? :0

  38. What a sweet baby. I am ALL OVER any mnemonic that keeps people straight on loose/lose. Now for you're/your...

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