Monday, January 11, 2010

Haven't Worked Out That Clone Thing Yet...

If I had a quarter (Yeah, it's 2010; a dime isn't worth a lick, so I'm adjusting for inflation) for every unread post in my reader right now, I would earn $350.75.   How about you?

My to-do list is still quite lengthy!

*Read and reply to 46 40 FF posts (I'm excited, really; that's a record! :)
*Reply to all most of the comments on my blog this week
*Make six gallons of soup for next week's soup swap
*Grade 20 "Survival Stories" written by 6th graders (I hope I survive!haha)
*Draft two I.E.P.s
*Organize more than 100 digital family video clips, having finished editing them on Saturday morning (write review post for Stashspace)
*Design Kyle's graduation announcements
*Burn CD of audio blog posts for a sweet friend
*Attend a family birthday gathering (Happy Birthday, Logan!)
*Grocery shop and finish the laundry
*Watch the Packers beat the Cardinals GRRRRRRRRRR
*And finally (from Mr.4444, who happens to be reading over my shoulder) "service my husband" (Sorry, Honey! Rain check?)

Hope your weekend was productive! Happy Monday! :)


  1. I saw the end of the Packers-Arizona game, what a way to lose! Blogging is so time-consuming, I'm seriously cutting back (have no choice really because I'm back to work full-time now).

    I try to get to my google reader but don't have time many days so I make sure my favorite blogs are on my blogrolls and start there.

  2. Well at least you showered!

  3. That's a long list. But there's nothing about cleaning your house, so I have to assume it's nice and tidy. And for this I am supremely envious!!

    Cause my house is yucky.

    Good luck!

  4. Impressive list. Wish I lived nearby. CJ's deployment has made me so nervous that I have way too much energy. I would happily help you do all!!

    (Well, besides the hubby!)

    Hallie :)

  5. I can't believe I'm typing this, but maybe if you take care of the last one, you'l have help with the rest. haha

  6. LOL, I wonder which one you'd use the clone for. I know which one I would pick! ;)

  7. Cool I have an I.E.P. assestment meeting with my son Next week. He's graduating out of the pre-preschool class into the pre-school class! Good luck getting those drafted :)

  8. Wow, that's quite the To-Do List!

    I am feeling your "GRRRRRRRR" regarding the Packer/Cardinal game. So sad.

  9. I think I would earn $762.50
    If you figure out that whole clone thing, let me know! :)

  10. I was disappointed that the Packers lost too. Sounds like you had a productive weekend.

  11. You did pretty good. My team lost on Saturday GRRRRR as well!

  12. Oh, Hubbies take rain checks? Thanks, good to know! LOL

    Have a great day!!!
    God bless you, girl!

  13. I make sure my favorite blogs are on my blogrolls and start there.

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  14. Melisa, I need that LOL a lot!! It's 4:53, and I'm still working on schoolwork; had a TWO HOUR long IEP meeting today, so I can now add another one to my list.

    Funny you should say that, because Mr.4444 was FANTASTIC this weekend; he waited on me hand and foot and made a fantastic meal Sunday night (ribs!!) I'll try to find a way to make it up to him, haha.

    And the house? Didn't make it to the list, as usual; it's a wreck in here.

  15. before you "raincheck" mr 4444 shouldn't you see if there are gifts involved? I mean of the sparkley variety (such as diamonds). Or shoes. shoes work too. Might want to reconsider.

  16. You're being pulled in all different directions! It's funny how we include our blog and kepping up with our blog friends in our already daunting list!
    Good luck getting everything done. Which one goes on the back burner? I'd put getting to my Reader on the back burner if I really got a quarter for every unread blog!

  17. Really? If I did my math correctly, over 1,500 blogs? I'm ready to declare defeat tonight over any unread blog posts. Just before I go to bed, I'm hitting "mark all read" and starting clean tomorrow.

    (Two weeks and I haven't gotten it under 200 posts.)

    I agree about the Packers.

  18. it's a todo list for the whole week right?? so you've made good progress.

  19. Glad you at least got the showering done. And the family birthday. Those are definitely key. As for the football... sorry, but at least you can watch Bret this weekend? Hopefully that game will go better (although I've been saying since November that he's done, so....)

  20. My To Do list is miles long, and the longer we're not at home, the more I keep adding on! I giggled at your hubby's comment, mine would probably say the exact same thing!


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